Emogene Takes a Lover is a side quest in Fallout 4.


  1. (可選)前往芳鄰鎮第三軌酒館與白教堂查理或木蘭花交談。
  2. 前往查爾斯天望劇場
  3. (可選)與湯瑪斯修士交談。
  4. 釋放愛默琴·凱伯
  5. 回到凱伯宅邸與傑克·凱伯交談。





一旦愛默琴被釋放,她就會告訴玩家血清的用處,然後自己離開。玩家可以回到凱伯宅邸提交任務。抵達後,傑克正在透過一台業餘無線電與愛德華進行交談,愛德華正在精神病院抵抗掠奪者的入侵 - 幾分鐘後通訊就斷了,傑克決定前往醫院與唯一倖存者一起阻止掠奪者,並啟動任務凱伯宅邸的秘密

Quest stages

55 Talk to EdwardI should talk to Edward Deegan about my next mission.
60 Find Emogene Cabot - (Optional) Ask around the Third Rail about EmogeneMy next mission is to find Jack Cabot's missing sister Emogene. Edward said that she likes to hang out at the Third Rail in Goodneighbor, should I should start looking for her there.
65 (Optional) Ask around the Third Rail about EmogeneI've learned that Emogene Cabot may have taken up with a cult leader named Brother Thomas, who seems to operate out of the Charles View Amphitheater.
70 Return to Cabot HouseI've rescued Emogene Cabot from the cult that had imprisoned her. I should return to Cabot House to tell Jack the good news.
80 Talk to JackI returned to Cabot House after rescuing Emogene. Edward Deegan seems to be missing. I should find out from Jack what's going on.
100Quest finishedQuest completeI rescued Emogene Cabot from a cult that was holding her prisoner at Charles View Amphitheater. When I retuned to Cabot House, Edward Deegan was under attack at Jack's facility at Parsons State Insane Asylum.


  • 如果已經拜訪過查爾斯天望劇場並殺死了社會支柱成員,在選擇說服選項時僅存者會告知這件事。
  • 如果唯一倖存者在選擇威脅湯瑪斯的選項前先提到他殺光了那裏的人,他會道歉並拒絕再說話。
  • 完成此任務後,凱伯宅邸的物品將不再被標記為有主物品,可以自由拿走。

Companion reactions

  • If Curie is the current companion, she will comment on the persuasion attempt that "We're unfortunately quite skilled in the use of violence," whereupon the player character will receive a dislike from Curie.
  • If one has the mysterious serum from the previous quest and has Hancock as a companion, they can offer it to Emogene for a reputation increase with Hancock. The same goes for Codsworth, Deacon and Valentine.
  • Strong dislikes the peaceful persuasion attempt but approves of the threat. He also likes it when one gives Emogene the serum.
  • Danse objects to handing the serum over to Emogene, stating that it should be brought to Brotherhood scribes for study.
  • One can also gain reputation with Preston if he is the companion when giving Emogene the serum.
  • One will lose reputation with MacCready if he is the companion when one offers Emogene the serum, but gain reputation by threatening Thomas.
  • If having Cait as the companion, she will approve of threatening Brother Thomas and tell him that they can "Always start with ripping your arms off." Cait also likes it when one asks Thomas if Emogene is a member.
  • If having Piper as the companion, when threatening she says "Do you really want to go this route?" as she dislikes this action. Deacon and Valentine have a similar response.


Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Brother Thomas unlocks the door to where Emogene is supposed to be but she doesn't appear. Instead the quest points back to Cabot House and the locked section of the house. Check the talk section of the page for a workaround for this bug. On PC this bug can be fixed using console commands, however on PS4 and Xbox One there is no confirmed fix. [已核实]

  • This bug may occur regardless of whether or not one has kept the first serum. If executing 'fix' commands once one finds her missing, the serum will be removed (next quest stage) and one will be able to travel to Cabot House and talk to Jack. Commands: setstage 000503B9 70, setstage 00022A00 705, setstage 00022A00 710, setstage 00022A00 720, setstage 00022A00 750
  • Alternatively (and preferably), one can restore the conversation with Emogene by typing the following commands ssq ms09, prid 47ec4, ForceRefIntoAlias emogeneOld, ForceRefIntoAlias emogene, MoveTo 518ce, enable before entering the room where she is being kept. This way will make the quest proceed normally, without skipping anything.