Pack of drugged-out killers. They're addicted to every stim, every pill, every psychoactive enema on this fucked-up Earth.

—Major Dhatri



Made savage by excessive chem use, the Fiends of New Vegas are the most numerous and troublesome raiders of the Mojave Wasteland.

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三號避難所的居民在長時間的封閉之後,因一場意外打開大門,開始與外面的人貿易,而他們成功的生意引來了惡魔幫的注意,居民在毫無防禦之下,惡魔幫毫不費力就搶下了整個避難所, 裡面的居民被魔鬼幫趕盡滅絕,魔鬼帮袭击破坏了3号避难所,并将其稱作大本營,用于躲避NCR的安全屋。

Calling themselves the Fiends, the vault was left wide-open, practically being a feral den for the raiders and their huge pack of dogs. Unfortunately, the capture of the vault gave the raiders a safe haven to operate from, allowing 他们占领了新维加斯西部的大部分地区。 Composed largely of violent, mentally unstable drug addicts, individually they are unexceptional in every way, but their large numbers have made them a dangerous organization for settlements and travellers in west New Vegas. Whether it is murder, rape, or shooting innocents for sport, the Fiends are more than happy to bring anarchy to the areas under their control.


The Fiends have little organization except for their occupation of Vault 3 and a few central leaders: Violet, Cook-Cook, Driver Nephi, and Motor-Runner. With Motor-Runner being the one running Vault 3, he is presumed to be the main leader of the Fiends, while Violet, Cook-Cook and Driver Nephi control smaller crews of their own. Like many other raider groups, the Fiends split into small war-parties, usually between 3-4 members, which allows them to operate in an enormous portion of the outer New Vegas area aside from their main area of west and south-western New Vegas.

Outside, they are usually gathered around campfires, where much of their scavenged items such as first aid and ammunition boxes can be found scattered around. Many raider camps are protected by makeshift walls and littered with graffiti. At times, they utilize traps in order to protect their shelter, evident in the many traps found inside Zapp's Neon Signs.


此帮派的大多数成员都如同其他匪徒一样攻擊除了他們以外的任何勢力人員,除了大汗幫, 他們是主要的毒品供應來源。如果信使的口才夠好,可以用毒品贩子的身分躲過敵意並自由進出3號避難所。The Fiends are a constant problem for the NCR particularly, as Camp McCarran is located a short distance from Vault 3, making it especially prone to Fiend attacks. The problem became such an issue for the resource-strained NCR that Major Dhatri put bounties on the Fiend leaders' heads, offering these contracts to private mercenaries.

While the Fiends are openly hostile towards almost all groups in the Mojave except the Great Khans, they do seem to co-operate with a few certain wasteland inhabitants. Cook-Cook is known to have bought slaves from Saint James and Dermot, while Caesar's Legion frequently provides the Fiends with information on NCR troop movements, helping them set up ambushes and traps.


The Fiends, being mentally unstable raiders with little organization, make use of what is available in their surroundings. 其成员大多穿着輕便的匪徒盔甲以保持敏捷性,並将有角头骨作为头饰。Cook-Cook and Duke are the only Fiends who do not wear these headpieces.


Due to the wide range of different weapons varying from Fiend to Fiend, it is assumed that they are either stolen or looted off people the raiders had killed.


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  • Fiends sometimes spawn near The Thorn and start attacking people at Westside south entrance. They may also sometimes enter The Thorn, but will be killed instantly by the guards.
  • Fiends are hated by almost all residents of Westside, as they are a constant danger to the settlement.
  • Fiends always have red eyes, a side effect from their constant chem consumption.
  • There are many Fiends in Vault 3 that can be found already dead in several residential rooms, apparently having died of either chem overdoses or fatal infighting between themselves.
  • Fiends may sometimes spawn and attack the player outside of the Crimson Caravan camp.
  • Upon fast-traveling to Camp McCarran, two Fiends may be attacking the entrance.
  • Upon fast-traveling to Freeside East Gate, some Fiends may be spawned nearby.
  • Fiends can sometimes be fighting in The Thorn.
  • A group of four to six Fiends will always respawn around Fiend territory. A group of three fiends respawn at a fixed location between Brewer's beer bootlegging and Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters.
  • The Fiends may constantly be found in a firefight against patrolling NCR troopers around the area surrounding the New Vegas Strip.
  • 杀掉其成员会获得正面道德值。
  • Although wearing Great Khan armor will make Fiends at Vault 3 friendly, other Fiends anywhere in the wasteland will still attack you, including those just outside of the vault. Like Diane mentions, they are outside for a reason.


Fiends only appear in Fallout: New Vegas and the graphic novel All Roads.


pcIcon pc When you have dealt with Motor-Runner and the Fiends in a friendly way during Aba Daba Honeymoon or by passing a Speech Check at the entrance to Vault 3 the Fiends might become permanently friendly. Entering SetPCEnemyOfFaction 000ef323 1 in the console will make them hostile again. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符

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