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Now you'll face the full might of the Mechanist, my righteous robots will end your tyranny once and for all!The Mechanist

Restoring Order is a quest and achievement/trophy in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.


  1. 給艾达安装M-SAT组件。
  2. 前往罗科销售服务中心
  3. 可以透過收集三卷專家的全像卡帶解鎖電梯,或一路殺到底。
  4. 面對机械大師
  5. 殺死機械大師、用銀衣怪客身分說服或是用口才說服她。







Quest stages

400 Speak to AdaI discovered the Mechanist's lair has a hidden entrance in the old RobCo Sales and Service building. I should speak to Ada about my next move.
500 Install the M-SAT on a robotI need to use the robot workbench to install the M-SAT into a robot of my choice. Then I will be able to gain access to the Mechanist's lair.
600 Access the Mechanist's LairI installed an M-SAT on a robot. I will need to keep the robot with me as I venture through the Mechanist's lair to be able to access the doors.
700 Stop the MechanistNow that I've gained access to the hidden facility, I need to find a way to the Mechanist to put an end to the robots terrorizing the Commonwealth. Several doors will require a robot with an M-SAT installed, so I'll need to be sure to keep one by my side.
900 Take Control of the FacilityNow that I have the passcode, I should find the terminal that will allow me to take control of this facility and stop the production of these robots.
1000 Speak to AdaNow that the Mechanist has been stopped, I should let Ada know that it's over.
1100Quest finishedQuest complete


  • 如果穿著銀衣怪客的衣服用其口吻會激發機械大師特殊的反應。
  • 如果用機器人專家駭入任一機器人,他們會自毀。
  • 完成本任務會解鎖全部的機器人模組。
  • 在機械大師房間外頭有個按鈕,在咖啡機旁邊,會開啟走廊深處的暗門,裡面有些物品可拿。
  • 上述所說的專家卡帶分別為總工程師的全像卡帶總務部長的全像卡帶首席科學家的全像卡帶,位置詳情請參閱地點頁面。
  • The sky lift is generally operated when one steps onto the lift and presses the button on the lift rail. The return button, however, is the first button that one comes to just before approaching the lift. This button will not operate unless the sky lift was left on the other side. (This condition could occur if the Sole Survivor jumps off the lift and survives.)


  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Has platform::Xbox OneIcon xboxone.png After the power fails, the Mechanist may not speak with you, making the quest impossible to complete. This may be due to shooting any of the robots on the assembly line after the first wave of the final battle.[已验证]
    • Making a save when the Mechanist won't speak with you, exiting the game entirely, restarting the game, and then reloading the save may fix the problem.
    • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png If reloading save doesn't work, you can open console and type SetStage xx{{#pad:0010f5|6|0|left}} 850. This will progress the quest so that you are allowed to have conversation with Mechanist. However you still need to noclip tcl into Mechanist room to start the conversation. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Has platform::Xbox OneIcon xboxone.png Wearing power armor with a Targeting HUD mod may make the Mechanist and Sparks become hostile towards you.[已验证]
    • Removing the mod or the entire helmet, or exiting your power armor can fix this.
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png After finishing the quest, and taking the lift back to the surface, the game will crash to desktop after interacting with the door. The game also crashes if you walk back through the level and try to exit out the door you came in to.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 4Icon ps4.png After using the terminal to open the door to the Robobrain Production Area, it is possible to get stuck to the computer and be unable to move away. Reloading from a previous save should solve this.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png When entering the Mechanist's room for the first time, dialogue may not commence, making it impossible to continue. To force the dialogue and continue, open the console and type SetStage xx{{#pad:0010f5|6|0|left}} 800.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png The Mechanist may not open the shutters to her control center when the final battle is set to take place, and the terminal for the elevator may not register all of the voiceprints when trying to take the non-combat route.[已验证]
    • The battle can be forced to start with the SetStage command. Using SetStage xx{{#pad:0010f5|6|0|left}} 900 or 1000 doesn't fix this or reactivate the facility once the battle is over, and the Mechanist may put back on a copy of her suit during dialogue.
    • Taking the peaceful route by collecting all of the holotapes and using the terminal by the elevator fixes this. If the terminal doesn't respond to the tapes, use SetStage DLC01Lair 930 and unlock the elevator terminal (or use the console to unlock it). Choose the dialogue to confirm the override, and the quest should proceed normally.

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