Disappointed? We call 'em the Misfits for a reason. They're undisciplined, lazy, and they have absolutely no espiritIn-game spelling de corps.Sergeant McCredie

The Misfits are a small squad of New California Republic troopers stationed at Camp Golf in 2281.


Part of 9th Platoon at Camp Golf in 2281,[1] the Misfits are appropriately named because of their lax behavior and lack of combat readiness. A mix of volunteers and conscripts, the Misfits have each proven to be mediocre or outright terrible soldiers so far, and their army careers have dead-ended with their being dumped at Camp Golf since nobody else would take them. Their immediate superior, Sergeant McCredie, is at his wit's end after so long trying and failing to make proper soldiers of them, but he remains convinced it can be done, even if he cannot imagine how.


Interactions with the player character

The Courier has the opportunity to whip them into shape during the quest Flags of Our Foul-Ups. Depending on the completion of the quest, and the Courier's actions elsewhere in the Mojave, the Misfits may play a key role in repelling the Legion assault on Camp Golf during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, or desert and be court-martialed and executed by the NCR Army, among a variety of possible outcomes. Most crucial in interacting with the Misfits themselves is how effective the Courier is in attempting to influence and correct their behavior, and in what way.



# 幻灯片 画外音旁白 游戏中的条件
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信使杀到一个不剩,怪人小队至少在凯撒高尔夫营地的袭击中免于死亡的屈辱。很少有人哀悼他们的离去。 杀死所有怪人小队成员。
The Misfits end slide 01.png
信使的建议下,怪人小队在军团攻击高尔夫营地的过程中脱颖而出。玛格斯最终被提升为中士,其余的怪人小队成员获得了官方嘉奖。他们继续以优异的成绩服役多年。 使用奥韩拉恩或玛格斯的建议完成我们犯错的旗帜。 完成除了我来,我见,我征服的任意结局。
The Misfits end slide 01.png
尽管高尔夫营地落入了凯撒手上,但在军团的进攻中,怪人小队表现出色。玛格斯和她的士兵因其英勇而被NCR追授。 使用奥韩拉恩或玛格斯的建议完成我们犯错的旗帜。完成凯撒军团我来,我见,我征服
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当军团攻击高尔夫营地时,怪人小队的懒人赶上了。那些没有在袭击中丧生的人试图逃跑,但在莫哈维前哨站被捕,受到军事法庭审判,并被吊死在游骑兵纪念碑上。 不要完成我们犯错的旗帜,或用波因德克斯特的建议并完成凯撒军团我来,我见,我征服,或使用波因德克斯特的建议并完成豪斯先生的结局任务孤注一掷
The Misfits end slide 01.png
在高尔夫营地的防御过程中,他们被精神错乱所驱使,造成了大量的伤亡。一开始,他们的英勇受到了赞扬,但最终,由于渴望更多的化学药品,他们在外维加斯开始攻击旅行者。由于他们不光彩的行为,NCR军事法庭将他们处以枪决。 使用拉兹的建议完成我们犯错的旗帜,完成除我来,我见,我征服之外的任何结局任务。


The Misfits appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. Rose of Sharon Cassidy's dialogue - "Watch out for the Misfits here - 9th Platoon, word of their fuck-ups is legendary."