Back Street Apparel is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Before the Great War, Back Street Apparel was a clothing store in The Fens area of Boston, next to the Charles River. In 2287, the ruins of the store building has become a hangout for a raider group led by Clutch.


On the outside of the building are two orange cylinder pipes. One pipe contains a first-aid kit (with various loot), and the other contains a missile-launcher trap. Both will occasionally regenerate.

Inside this multi-story building is a large first room that appears to have been the store floor. It contains two tripwire traps, covering both access routes. There's a hole in the left wall that leads to the kidnapped settler for the radiant Minutemen Kidnapping quest. The first floor has a hackable terminal (Advanced), a locked safe (Advanced), an armor workbench and a locked cooler. The second floor has tight corners as well as a locked safe (Master).


  • 隱形小子 - 在一樓門口左轉鎖住的門後。
  • 蠻人古古那第8期 - 在樓上靠近保險箱的桌上。
  • Bowler hat - on a shelf right next to the front door.
  • Several stacks of pre-War money under the counters, like its neighbor Bridgeway Trust.
  • A pair of fashionable glasses (+1 Charisma) can reliably be found in the front section.
  • If the Sole Survivor undertakes the quest Diamond City Blues, the six crates that are part of the chem deal can be looted. Each container contains dozens of various chems. Acquiring all the available chems will yield over a few hundred caps.
    • The crates will still be there even after the quest is completed.
  • Two Vault-Tec lunchboxes can be found near the river within a trailer and on the upper level in Anna's Cafe southwest of Back Street Apparel.

Related quests


  • There is a teddy bear with glasses using the ground floor bathroom and reading the newspaper.
  • On the top floor, there is a skeleton in a bathtub with a toaster and a fork.
  • Across the entrance is an old truck with some pipes. Inside one of the pipes is a trap with a missile launcher. The trigger is to the east, under the bridge and surrounded by cars.
  • 如果潛行不被發現可以聽到克劳奇的一个手下講述她之前曾遇到一个怕火的小子,为了取乐,他们把那个小子灌醉,然后把一堆床垫连起来周围洒上汽油,把那个小子围在中间扔在河里。小伙醒来后吓得要死,周围的同伴笑的接近岔气,不过怕火小子没被烧死,而是因为不会游泳最后淹死了。


Back Street Apparel only appears in Fallout 4.


  • In the documentary The History of Bethesda Game Studios, an early map for Fallout 4 is shown. 在後街服飾店的位置寫著姚基服飾店,可以視為其早期版本的名稱,其名字來自於波士頓新澤西街的舊稱姚基路,當時的路名是為了紀念紅襪隊的前老闆湯姆·姚基