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Vernon East/Takoma Park is a tunnel in the partly caved in old Metro. It gives a route from Vernon Square to Takoma Park. This tunnel is very long and windy. Its Vernon Square East entrance can be reached from the Vernon Square side by traversing the radioactive ground above the sewer, it is located behind the rocket crash site and the ruins of the structure the rocket crash is located.


The tunnel is mostly collapsed and has a small amount of irradiated water along the train tracks. 它一边通向塔科马公园,另一边通向弗农广场。 It has numerous twists and winds past a large amount of collapsed rubble.

纵使本地地图称这整块区域为弗农广场东/塔科玛公园, 但西南方区域墙上的文字表明那里是阿伯内西地铁站, 在DCTA地铁路线图可以看到。战前,它是供华盛顿特区居民使用的地铁站,向西连接到贝克顿地铁站,但贝克顿的地点未知,向东连结到塔科玛公园

  • 吊诡的是,弗农广场地铁站的指标向东通往贝克顿站,然而通往的隧道被标记为地铁交汇处。而同样广场的另一头则是有著贝克顿下一站的阿伯内西站入口。


  • 充满了少数变种人和许多变异昆虫,动物和螃蟹人。
  • At higher levels, the Hunters are replaced with Mirelurk Kings, which can be dangerous since they are in clusters of up to 3.It is also possible at higher levels that some of the super mutants may be replaced with super mutant overlords if the Broken Steel add-on is installed.

Notable Loot

  • Lying, Congressional Style very close to the Vernon Square East exit, in the ticket booth (A).
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum in the Super Mutant hideout on a shelf. (B).
  • Random loot in a Safe (average) at same hideout.

Note: To get to (B), go down the escalator(s) and turn left and then turn left again. Go West on/along the Metro tracks toward what looks like a dead end. Use caution as the tracks will have Frag Mines along the way and then a trap (pressure plate) near the end. At the end, take a left into hideout. Inside there there you will find a Nuka-Cola machine and some beds. Good luck sleeping with that irritating drizzle of water sound.


  • At the Takoma Station there is a large pile of rubble due to a tunnel collapse in the station area (in place of the normal overhead walkway). This rubble reaches the ceiling most of the way along, however it CAN be jumped over. Just be warned that once over it is IMPOSSIBLE to get out. The exception to this is of course for PC players, who can use the toggle collision command tcl to get out.