We've got liquor, chems, and whores a plenty. Pick your fix and we'll oblige. Our only rule is no sampling the merchandise. Caps paid in advance.

Francine Garret is co-owner of the Atomic Wrangler casino, along with her twin brother, James. She lives in Freeside in 2281.


Sister of James Garret and co-owner of the Atomic Wrangler casino, Francine appears to be the business and financial account of the Wrangler, handling its profits and interest. She is rather uptight about her business and will do anything to keep the Wrangler star attraction of Freeside, as she lets James take care of its entertainment and appearance.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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  • Debt Collector
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  • Big Winner, Atomic Wrangler
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该角色是一名商人 卖: Alcohol
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此角色出租床位 Bottle cap 10.


  • Debt Collector: Francine asks the Courier to recoup caps owed from various personalities in Freeside, and later asks the player character to kill Caleb McCaffery.
  • Big Winner, Atomic Wrangler: After winning 5,000 chips from gambling at the Atomic Wrangler, Francine gets fed up and doesn't allow the Courier to gamble there anymore.

Effects of player's actions

  • If the player character talks to her after killing Caesar, she will give them a bottle of whiskey on the house.
  • If the player character has ED-E as a companion, she will sometimes say to James Garret "That's a strange look'in robot."
  • If the player character goes behind the counter, both Garrets will follow the Courier but never attack, just warning them to go away.


服装 武器 其他 物品 死 亡
Grimy pre-War businesswear Atomic Wrangler bank key
Atomic Wrangler upstairs key


Francine Garret appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


Has platform::PCPC Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 After the quest Debt Collector, the option to ask about Santiago and how much he owes her will still be there. [已验证]


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