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The Cram Opener is a unique weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.



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它可以攻击370次 from full condition before breaking.



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  • 麦卡伦营地里那个对着假人挥拳的Little Buster,拳套就属于这个准备退出江湖的赏金猎人。He can typically be found sparring with a practice dummy in between a truck and the camp's tents.
  • 当你完成了Three-Card Bounty任务之后,他就会动身前往自由城。但是几天后,你可以在入口附近的铁轨旁边找到他的尸体。拳套就在尸体上。
    • Note the railroad tracks are the ones inside of the Freeside gate near the Old Morman Fort and not the tracks outside the gate.


  • As of patch, the weapon no longer ignores Damage Threshold.
  • It is possible to obtain two copies of this weapon by pickpocketing it from Little Buster while he is alive, then looting it from his corpse later.
  • The name of this weapon is a reference to the canned food Cram, a healing item also found in-game. It also is a play-on-words for the common household item can-opener.


  • This weapon has the icon of a melee weapon when you assign it to the D-pad, even though it is an Unarmed weapon. This also happens with the regular bladed gauntlet.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 If worn while entering the interrogation room Silus is being held in during the Silus Treatment quest, the model will still be shown on your hands. This will continue after you have been returned your weapons, no matter what you currently have equipped. This also happens with the unique unarmed weapon Recompense of the Fallen and boxing tape.[已核实]

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