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康斯坦丁要塞i是Capital Wasteland 西北部一個相當大的哨點和ICBM(洲際導彈發射基地)在通訊衛星陣列 NW-05a通訊衛星陣列 NN-03d中間。里外都由保安機器人,大膽先生,腦控機器人 和 保護機器人來把守。



  • 西北部的CO Quarters小屋,
  • 西邊的員工辦公室
  • 北邊的彈藥儲藏室

彈藥儲藏室的門是鎖住的,但是 儲藏室地下可以通到CO Quarters的地下。不幸的是,康斯坦丁要塞 Bunker Door的鑰匙只能用Ted Strayer's Special Key 來開啟,不能用撬。而且這是唯一能通往T-51b 動力裝甲的路。因此你不能在另一邊打開 彈藥儲藏室的門是因為Tara 拿著鑰匙。但是地窖可以通往Launch Control Bunker (控制室),這樣就可以進入儲藏室的地下了。

彈藥儲藏間的門需要Dukov的鑰匙來開啟。在這裡 Tara 的屍體可以找到彈頭儲藏室的鑰匙。兩個緊鎖的門,和在對面一個可以通往T-51b 動力裝甲的門,但只有能被Dave 的鑰匙開啟。

員工辦公室 裡面沒什麼可逛的。除了一些小物品和 一本Grognak the Barbarian的書。


康斯坦丁要塞的信息不多,除了Allistair Tenpenny 的五個僱用兵  — Mister Crowley, Dave, Dukov, Jeff Strayer, 和 Tara — 他們負責要塞武器的修復。不清楚Tenpenny在做什麼武器,但可以肯定的是要麼是胖子發射器或者是T-51b 動力裝甲。在Bunker內, Tara死於狂暴食屍鬼的攻擊,Crowley同時也被鎖在同一個房間內;也是他後來找到T-51b 動力裝甲的地方,剩下的人,知道Tara也掛了,想到Crowley 變成食屍鬼的食物,他們分道揚鑣了。(While it is not known how Crowley escaped, there is only one door boarded up in the sub level, just before the launch room. If he had been trapped inside with them, maybe this is how.)

幾年過後, Mr. Crowley, 出現在The Ninth Circle的地下世界裡(不知道他怎麼逃出要塞的), 給予獨行者」你必須要射中他們的頭」這個任務 。獨行者必須要找到其他生存下來的僱傭兵並擊中他們的頭奪回鑰匙。(除了Ted Strayer的兒子 Jeff Strayer手上那把已經被Crowley索取)

玩家可以決定是否殺掉目標,但都能完成任務。如果不殺的話,玩家就要向Crowley 說謊以取得Bottlecap 獎勵,並且要想辦法找到鑰匙。你可以有多種方法得到鑰匙而不必丟失你的信仰(Karma)。當玩家取得了所有的鑰匙,就可以有多種方式去完成任務,並根據Karma的數值而取得隱藏物品,任務完成時Crowley也許死掉也許沒有。 (詳見任務頁面: You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head) As stated by Dukov, Tenpenny sent the five mercenaries there to retrieve a weapon.


CO Quarters编辑

  • Bobblehead - Big Guns 在地下室的保險櫃里
  • 中國軍人訓練手冊和隱身小子在地下室保險櫃旁邊
  • 2本戰前書籍,一本在入口的書架上,另一本在起居室的桌子上。
  • 量子可樂 在廚房的壞損冰箱里
  • 槍械與子彈 在卧室的一個大床旁邊和床旁邊的盒子里
  • Fort Constantine Launch Codes in the safe.



  • Duck and Cover! 在康斯坦丁要塞終級控制端附近的一個桌子上。
  • Big Book of Science 在破損終端附近的一個桌子上。
  • 戰前書籍 在一個住艙裡面的桌子上
  • 隱身小子 在靠近HAM收音機的一個住艙的桌子上

彈藥儲藏室 (地下室)编辑

T-51b stasis

T-51b Power Armor in stasis.

  • T-51b 動力裝甲(只能由Ted Strayer's Special 鑰匙開啟)必須要激活一個埠。
  • 胖子發射器 和數顆微型核彈(只能由Ted

Strayer's Special 鑰匙開啟)

Strayer's Special 鑰匙開啟)

  • 15個彈藥箱在左邊超難解鎖的門後面。
  • 彈藥與槍械 和五把以上不等的突擊步槍, 10mm 衝鋒槍,一把狙擊槍, 2-5 個脈衝手雷, 3-6 個手雷都在右邊難開啟的門的後面。
  • 一個微型核彈在一個有動力裝甲的屋子的樓上。

ICBM (洲際導彈)编辑

The CO Quarters有康斯坦丁要塞的發射密碼在有搖頭娃娃旁邊的地下室裡面。發射系統會提示你發射導航系統錯誤,你要輸入通訊衛星陣列 NW-05a 上面的信息。


  • The bombs in the storage are similar to the "Fat Man" that hit Nagasaki, Japan.
  • They are also visually identical to the bomb in the center of Megaton.
  • The Launch Codes Found in Fort Constantine are "00000000". A reference to The United States Nuclear Launch Codes which were created in 1961 during the Cold War and weren't changed to legitimate codes until the year 1977. *ref. = Center of Defense intelligence
  • There are two "owned" coffee cups in the lower levels of the base, one at the commander in chief's desk, across from the activation terminal for the ICBM, and another in the same room on a desk in between the electrical equipment cabinets. Taking these will count as stealing.
  • The Bathtub in the CO Quarters is irradiated to the tune of 2 rads/sec.
  • In the living quarter there is a skeleton clutching a 10mm pistol laying on the bunk bed on the right (if your facing the table) of where you get the pre war book and stealth boy.
  • Fort Constantine may be named after General Constantine Chase (From Operation Anchorage add-on)who is also the one who created the project on Liberty Prime
  • The Guns and Bullets skill book located in the CO Quarters on the Queen Sized Bed seems to have a pretty significant clipping issue for players. It is located on the bed by the back entrance, but it isn't always visible. Sometimes it appears, while other times it is nowhere to be found. If you have the PC version this book can be acquired using the console non-clip command 'tcl' to find the book. Consoles are less likely to find a solution. The only known solution to finding the book appears to be re-loading your save inside the CO Quarters until it appears and is obtainable. Some players have verified that this works, while others have not had the same luck (verified PS3). Going into third-person view and trying to catch a glimpse of the "take" icon has NOT been found to work either.
  • A place called Constantine Ballastic Missile Center is briefly noted in the movie 'Crimson Tide'. The movie is about preventing a nuclear holocaust.


  • It is possible to find a bugged Enclave soldier in the vicinity of Fort Constantine, approximately somewhere in between the fort and the Outcast Shack. This particular individual soldier (observed with either regular Enclave Power Armour and a Laser Rifle or Tesla Armor and a Plasma Rifle) appears and respawns well before the Enclave arrive in-game. NOTE: This will happen if Broken Steel is installed (Confirmed Xbox 360 and PC), but it can occur without any DLC (Confirmed on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC). Also, if you bring Charon from the 9th circle (any companion who can wear armour can wear power armor, sorry dogmeat, fawkes and Sergeant RL-3), when you kill the enclave, Charon can wear power armour you would need the power armour perk. The power armour is a good way to keep your companions alive and the Laser Rifle can be nice, although the Plasma Rifle would be even better for both your companion or for repairs to A3-21's Plasma Rifle (because repairs are hard to come by for it early on).  
  • In the right-hand Bomb Storage building there are 3 shuttered doors on the outside, but on the inside there are only 2

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