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The Survivalist's rifle is a weapon in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts. It is the unique variant of the service rifle.


这种枪由位于安大略、多伦多的Long Branch兵工厂生产。由于当时这两个地方已经并入美国版图,所以这些枪就被用来武装那些在原加拿大国土上驻防的美国检查站卫兵。这种枪之所以采用12.7mm子弹,是因为其被要求给那些卫兵提供足够的火力,让他们能够阻止任何敢于破坏或者闯过那些关卡的人。


这把独特的武器属于战后藏身于錫安国家公园的前美军士兵藍道·克拉克,被这位从大战中活下来的幸运儿使用了几十年, evident by the heavy wear and sun damage on the wood and metal of the gun.由于缺乏足够的替换零件,所以这把枪处处能看出手段并不高明的临时修复措施,比如拼凑而成替换原配件的木制前握把in place with metal clamps。[1]The barrel is noticeably shorter than a typical service rifle, and枪的前准星已经弯掉了. The word "Arrêt!" (french for "Halt!") is carved into one side of the butt of the gun, with "Stop!" on the other.

就游戏里的表现而言,这把枪有著不错的开火速率,很低的散布,AP消耗也要低于大部分的单发步枪。48的单发伤害已经不算低了,而且Grunt这个特技还可以进一步提升其威力,使其傷害略微超过使用.308子弹This Machine——不过在开火速率和精度上就完胜了。而如果This Machine用上308的JSP手装弹,Survivalist's rifle也可以用GRA里加入的12.7mmJHP子弹来抗衡。

当然,12.7mm子弹并不那么好找,基本上只能靠买,加上这支枪的开火速率,如果没有瞄准一点再开火的话,子弹很容易就不够用了。he damage threshold multiplier from 12.7mm JHP rounds and lower damage from normal 12.7mm rounds may also cause the Survivalist rifle to be less than optimal against armored targets.如果在using true iron sights,能够克服歪掉的准星带来的不便(see the notes below)。


它可以发射2495发标准12.7mm子弹,the equivalent of 250 reloads, from full condition before breaking. Template:Durability table



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Service rifle 18
Service rifle With all weapon mods attached 18
Survivalist's rifle Honest Hearts48


Red Gate上面,藍道·克拉克枯骨旁边的袋子里。 Yao guai, giant cazadores, green geckos and/or bighorners may be found here as well. To specify, it is right up the climb to the top of the Red Gate. There are three trees and he is lying wedged between some boulders underneath two of the trees, propped up on the rocks. Alternately, you can reach it by going up the back side.


  • When looking through the iron sights to aim, the forward sight is bent out of line with the rear channel on top of the carrying handle, thus not creating the sight picture seen when using an undamaged service rifle. However, using the upper right side of the bent front sight as your aiming point corrects this, providing a usable, (albeit confusing), solution to this problem.
  • A star in a circle similar to that seen on the US flag is seen above the magazine on the rifle's right side, along with the words: "PROPERTY OF U.S. GOVT CHKPNT CARBINE 12.7MM CAL."
  • Above the trigger the words "LONG BRANCH ARSENAL ONTARIO, USA TERRITORY" are present. Long Branch is actually found in the southwest end of Toronto, Ontario. Historically during WWI and WWII a small area further west of Long Branch known as Port Credit manufactured rifles used by the Canadian forces during the wars.
  • During The Advance Scouts quest, White Legs may find the rifle and take it to use. The player character will have to kill them to get the rifle.
  • Nearby NPCs or your companions may take the rifle from the bag that it appears in.
    • If you complete Honest Hearts before retrieving the rifle, and a non-player character has picked up the rifle you will not be able to acquire the rifle because all non-player characters besides enemies disappear from Zion upon completion of the add-on.
  • Compared to the standard variant, the barrel of the rifle is shorter in length, but wider in diameter. This is a correct real world characteristic, as the 12.7mm is more than double the diameter of the 5.56mm round. The shorter length can be attributed to the fact that it is called a carbine while the service rifle is not a carbine.
  • Despite being chambered in a far larger round, compared to the standard 5.56, the magazine and firing chamber show no difference.
  • Even though it is a variant of the service rifle, it does not count toward the Gun Runners' Arsenal "Against All Tyrants" challenge.

Behind the scenes

  • The French word arrêt on one side of the rifle's stock, which translates as "a stop" or "a halt," is paired with "stop" written in English on the other side of the stock. This, combined with information from Randall Clark's terminal entries, indicates that this rifle was used during the U.S. occupation of Canada.
    • Though it is a French word, the correct way of telling someone to stop in French would be "Arrête" or "Arrêtez," not "Arrêt." "Arrêt" replaces "Stop" on Stop signs in French-speaking parts of Canada.
  • The Survivalist's rifle was loosely based on the .50 Beowulf AR-15 platform conversion.[2]


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