The Silva homestead is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


Arktos Pharma had some form of control over this homestead and tested Pharmabot-JD7E on its premises. A group of local kids vandalized the robot in 2077 and were injured when it sprayed harmful chemicals on them. All of the kids eventually died, which caused public outcry, but the company gave settlements to the associated families and considered the situation resolved.[1]


The two-story house on the farm is filled with debris. Its kitchen is decorated for Halloween, and on the second floor is a crib with a "baby" Jangles the Moon Monkey, as well as level 1 locked wall safe in the upstairs bedroom. Across from that is a dresser with some shotgun shells on top of it. There is also a footlocker by the bed. By the back exit of the home is an armor workbench.

There are fields of corn and wild corn outside. To the south is a large rounded metal building near some silos that serves as hay storage for either this homestead or Billings homestead; it is not clear which farm it belongs to. There are three radroaches inside guarding an armor workbench, weapons workbench and a power armor station.

To the east is the barn that was used by Arktos Pharma to store Pharmabot-JD7E. At the entrance is a non-functioning decontamination arch, and inside is a tinker's workbench and the Arktos Pharma terminal. The only thing of note up top is a tool chest. Various flowers, including soot flower and rhododendrons grow by two graves under a transmission tower next to the barn.



The Silva homestead appears only in Fallout 76.


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