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Now I know what a TV dinner feels like.

Bryan Wilks is an eight-year old[1] boy living in Grayditch in 2277. He gives the player the quest Those!.



He survived the fire ant attack on Grayditch by hiding underneath a demolished car. The huge insects overlooked him and moved on after carrying off their prey. Since the attack, Bryan's food and water supply has dwindled (his father used to make trips to stock up for the entire settlement), and he has left the safety of the small settlement in hopes of finding help.[1]



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  • Those!: 只要玩家在灰渠附近,布萊恩就會跑到玩家身邊請你救他的父親。玩家要跟著布萊恩到灰渠,隨後他會躲到避難間裡面。然後接下來的任務就是把灰渠的火蟻給清除掉,當你告知他父親的死訊時,他會難過且不安;這時候你可以透過口才讓他放心。如果玩家擁有赤子之心這個額外能力也可以說服他。如果玩家在上述有一項成功的話他會給你一把在維克斯的家裡彈藥箱的鑰匙。如果沒有鑰匙的話,你只能打開灰渠的垃圾桶找武器。裡面包含包括.32左輪手槍10釐米手槍雷射手槍.44麥格農左輪手槍以及數量多寡的破片手榴彈

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Later in the game, the player can check up on him. 當他與阿姨待在鉚釘城,布萊恩會非常開心並謝謝玩家的協助。If he is still in Grayditch, he will be lonely and miserable, but at least safe. 當他在小燈火鎮,他會覺得這裡的小孩子都怪裡怪氣並認為鉚釘城比較好。若玩家把他賣給尤利,該角色將永遠消失。

If the player simply leaves him in Grayditch, Three Dog will criticize the player, saying that "you left the kid to rot in that fallout shelter." If the player sells him as a slave, his remarks will be even nastier. Contrastingly, if the player gets Bryan to Rivet City, Three Dog's remarks will be strongly positive.


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He may address a female Lone Wanderer as "sir" or "mister" in some of his dialogue.

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Bryan appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes编辑

While in the shelter, Bryan will say "Now I know what a TV dinner feels like." This is a reference to the movie Die Hard, where John McClane says the same thing while crawling through a narrow ventilation shaft.


  • Icon xbox360 If Vera Weatherly dies after Bryan moves in with her, Bryan may appear inside of the Enclave garrison outside of the Jefferson Memorial during Take it Back! Strangely, Enclave soldiers will be friendly to Bryan while Brotherhood troops are hostile and will open fire on Bryan. [已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 If you attack Bryan while he is in Rivet City, everyone will become hostile towards him but not you. As he cannot be killed, the resident non-player characters will chase him and attack him fruitlessly. [已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Icon pc Icon ps3 It's possible to find Bryan being attacked by other NPCs. Examples of this include the Enclave soldier north of the ruined farmhouse, and random event occurrences outside the Super-Duper Mart. [已核实]


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