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The island. You've seen the Fog. Heard the Geiger counter on your little bracelet pipe up? That is Atom, spreading His Glow across this land. And that Glow is the path to our salvation.— Brian Richter

Grand Zealot Brian Richter is the leader of the zealots and enforcer of Children of Atom laws on the Island in 2287.


Lieutenant Brian Richter was not always the grand zealot. Far in the past, he was a soldier of the Enclave,[1] fighting in the Capital Region. The change came when a long-term scouting mission to recover a reserve of fusion cores went sideways. The disposal facility they tracked them to was still working. The containment cellar suddenly locked itself, due to a screw up by the team engineer. Fifteen inches of lead-wrapped steel slammed shut behind them and locked tight. Surviving on two sips of water and a bit of radroach per day, Richter watched his team fall apart and die. It wasn't until Zealot Tektus came along, breaking the seal on the door and pulling him out. Nursed to health by the Archemist, Richter ascribed his survival to Atom's blessing and became a fervent defender of the faith.[2]

Richter is responsible for enforcing the laws of Atom and ensuring the security of The Nucleus. He also performs trials of loyalty, as the Sole Survivor can witness on their arrival at the Nucleus.[3]

Interactions with the player character

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  • Visions in the Fog
  • What Atom Requires
  • The Heretic


服装 武器 其他 物品
Inquisitor's Marine armor torso, arms & legs
Marine wetsuit
Radium rifle


Companions with origins in the Capital Wasteland, such as MacCready, will not comment on his Enclave past if they are brought along during the conversation trigger.


Grand Zealot Richter appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.



  1. The Sole Survivor: "You were a soldier? With what army?"
    Brian Richter: "They called themselves the Enclave. They were a force to be reckoned with in their day, but now... well, it's been a long time since then. I serve Atom now."
    (Richter's dialogue)
  2. The Sole Survivor: "You seem... different, from most of the people here. Why is that?"
    Brian Richter: "Brazen thing, aren't you. All right. I was a soldier before I came to Atom. Lieutenant Brian Richter. Recon, Captial Region. Had been on a long-term scouting mission up north when we picked up the trail of a reserve of Fusion Cores from an old disposal facility. We'd made our way into the containment cellar, only our team engineer hadn't set the door locks right. Fifteen inches of lead-wrapped steel slammed shut behind us and locked tight, not to open again until Division. And I got to watch them all crumble and die while I lasted on two sips of water a day and the occasional roach. The High Confessor - he was still a zealot back then - he eventually turned up a couple weeks later. They cracked the seal on the door, pulled me out, dragged me back here where the Archemist nursed me back to health. It's only thanks to Atom's blessing that I didn't die vomiting my guts onto the floor, forced to eat my own shedding hair. Now, did you have any other questions?"
    (Richter's dialogue)
  3. The Sole Survivor: "What was happening with those two Children of Atom you were, uh, interrogating?"
    Brian Richter: "An issue of loyalty. Not something you need to concern yourself with. Now, unless you've come to join Atom's faithful, I suggest you go on your way."
    (Richter's dialogue)

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