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Plunkett's Valid Points are a set of unarmed weapons in Fallout 3.


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Plunkett's Valid Points was the Junders Plunkett's weapon of choice, a lightweight set of spiked knuckles. Plunkett had murdered many using his fists alone, when his raider brethren were hunted down by Regulators. He sought refuge in Arlington House where he awaits someone worthy to hunt him down and take up the knuckles hoping the bounty hunter will seek out a just cause with it.


Plunkett's Valid Points are a unique version of the spiked knuckles. It inflicts 3 more damage per hit than the regular set of spiked knuckles, and have double the chances of a Critical Hit. The spiked knuckles only have the standard chance at criticals.

Perhaps the biggest selling point for this weapon is the fact that it has one of the lowest Action-Point costs per-shot of almost any weapon in Fallout 3. Assuming you have maximum Agility and the Action Boy/Girl perk, you could string together 7 hits in a single V.A.T.S. attack. Add in the benefits of Ledoux's hockey mask and the tribal power armor, and you can pull off 9 hits, with 13 AP to spare. This combined with the Paralyzing Palm perk will result in paralyzing enemies nearly every time you enter V.A.T.S., enabling the player to kill even super mutant behemoths without much effort.


Plunkett's Valid Points can successfully strike about 333 times from full condition before breaking.


  • Brass knuckles - the common variant found in Fallout 3.
  • Steel knuckles Gametitle-FO3 TP - Slightly stronger than the regular brass knuckles, the steel knuckles only use 14 AP per V.A.T.S. swing.
  • Spiked knuckles - a variant of knuckles with spikes affixed.
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  • Love Tap - A variant of the regular Knuckles that was cut from the base game.
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Plunkett's Valid Points are dropped by Junders Plunkett who is found at the Arlington House in the Arlington Cemetery. You must have the Lawbringer perk to get this item. The contract for his bounty can be found on the body of a dead Regulator nearby, though finding this is not necessary for finding Plunkett.

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