You got hitched. Hey, it's your problem, not ours.Fallout 2 description

Married is a reputation title in Fallout 2.


This title is granted with CH 8 (or CH 7 and positive reputation in Modoc) and by seducing and marrying either Miria or Davin in respective town.


Davin or Miria become a permanent companion.


  • If the Married title is undesired and Grisham cannot be convinced, it is possible to run from the wedding instead of talking to him or waiting for the ceremony to begin, but then all of Modoc will turn hostile.
  • The spouse cannot be disbanded.
    • The new spouse takes up a slot even if the current limit is hit, it is impossible to re-recruit a disbanded companion unless the slot is emptied.
  • After getting married, it is no longer possible to do Grisham's quest or sell Bess.
  • The spouse can be offered as a fluffer for the Golden Globes in New Reno for $3.
  • When selling a companion at the Slaver's Guild in the Den or to Big Jesus Mordino, the spouse takes priority and must be sold first.
  • After losing the spouse in any way, this title is also lost and replaced with Separated.