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The coordinates you received lead you to this canyon filled with storm-tossed wreckage. Beyond lies the Divide.

Lonesome Road



這裡是交通要衝,它穿山而過,可達梅斯基特荒原,不過很可惜,被破小汽車,破卡車還有其它亂七八糟的東西堵死了。One of these contains several charred skeletons and some explosive crates.

不過,其中幾輛車上的塗鴉很值得一看:「回家去吧,快遞小子大分水嶺」 「孤獨之路」「六號快遞小子?」綜合在死錢中的到的線索,這些塗鴉的作者應該是尤利西斯

安裝孤獨之路資料片後,殘骸中的巴士將可穿過通行至大分水嶺 。完成主線後,峽谷外會出現一個提箱裝著資料片限定的特殊道具。如果在主線結局中spares尤利西斯in The End ,他會坐在入口前的營火處。


  • Follow the southwest rock wall around to find a dead NCR trooper along with two ammo boxes containing various items.
  • Just right of the wreckage are two graves that can be opened with a shovel. Each contains random ammunition.
  • Ulysses' graffiti will show up even if one doesn't have Lonesome Road installed, implying that the add-on was already planned during development of the game.
  • If you have the Wild Wastelands perk if you talk to Rex near to the entrance to the Divide he will say <aroo!> and opens up the first set of dialogue options "Huh?" and " It's times like this I wish you could talk." choosing either would send you to more dialogue options . Choosing the option "Did someone fall down a well?" Rex will bark two times which confirms this and theirs an option which marks the location and another option that doesn't mark it . This refers to Jimmy's Well




  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 偶爾呢,死掉的士兵會蹦起來活動活動,不過,很快就會被土狼一家PK。[已核实]
    • Icon pc Icon xbox360 Sometimes the dead trooper may not spawn in the cave at all. Fast traveling away from the area and coming back will usually fix this.[已核实]
  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 When you enter or leave The Divide you can get a message saying "Poison Removed".[已核实]
  • Icon pc If you complete The End/Apocalypse with coyote corpses where the rewards trunk is supposed to be, you won't receive any of the unique items upon completion. In order to avoid this it is necessary to rest in the Mojave Wasteland until live coyotes have respawned near Canyon Wreckage.[已核实]


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