Hillfolk Hotdogs is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


A small roadside fast food joint that once served delicious hotdogs. Now it's an abandoned trailer home and an old kitchen.


There are two main parts of Hillfolk Hotdogs, a bus renovated into a kitchen and eating area, and a trailer next to it. The trailer has two bedrooms, one of which is a dark children's room with a bunk bed, while the other is a better-lit adult's room behind a sliding door. A small living area is connected to the kitchen, which contains various junk items and pre-War foods. The bus, which has a partly lit Hillfolk Hotdogs sign outside of it, advertises burgers and dogs inside. It has two booths inside meant to be used as an eating area, but are filled with multiple containers. At the end of the bus is a cooking stove and other kitchen materials. Some mole rats are present here, including a rabid one.


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Hillfolk Hotdogs appears only in Fallout 76.


山頂兄熱狗攤的靈感來自Hillbilly Hot Dogs,一家位於亨廷頓的路邊攤車,是當地知名的遊客去處。

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