Have you come to Nelson seeking your death, Profligate?Unnamed Legion Explorer guarding Nelson



另见: Battle of Nelson

尼爾森過去曾經是NCR在莫哈維荒野位於第二前線的營地,as the NCR slowly gained ground along the Colorado River to stem the tide of the Legion's advance across Arizona,直到一次凱撒軍團的襲擊將他們趕到敢死隊營地,and capturing any NCR troopers that weren't executed or shot, and crucified them as an example of barbarism。目前由一名小組長死海指揮下的軍團部隊駐紮在這裡。





In the center of Nelson there are three crosses to which three NCR troopers are tied. You can release the troopers during the quest Restoring Hope. Untying a trooper, regardless of your standing with the Legion or having the quest, will result in the nearby Legion troops becoming hostile.


  • 在尼爾森的兩個營房西邊緊鄰房子里的冰箱後面有一瓶勝利型核子可樂
  • 東邊的營房裡的死海攜帶著一把獨特的彎刀叫做解放者



  • 尼爾森會定期被三名來自敢死隊營地裝備商隊隊霰彈槍的NCR士兵襲擊,除非你已經幹掉了大部分的尼爾森守衛,否則軍團士兵們會輕易的解決掉這些襲擊,當開始了恢復的希望任務後你訪問尼爾森,這個事件可能會被觸發
  • Directly East of Nelson are three graves and a small post for the legion.
  • A generator can be found near the barracks that Dead Sea resides in. Turning it off will turn off the lights on the telephone poles. This can most easily be seen at night.
  • The surrounding mountains make the garrison in Nelson very susceptible to sniper fire. A player character with a silenced sniper rifle and decent Guns and Sneak skills can easily take out the entire camp without direct confrontation.
  • If the player character manages to annihilate all the legionaries in Nelson, the soldiers at Camp Forlorn Hope will talk about the player freeing Nelson.
  • After Nelson has been liberated from the Legion, the NCR guards there will have the same dialogue as the troopers in Camp Forlorn Hope.
  • Killing Dead Sea silently and talking to the legionaries outside they may cause them to comment that Nelson was slaughtered to the last man even though they're still alive.






  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 After the NCR has spawned and the Legionaries are gone, there may be 3 Legionaries running into each other in front of the camp fire, not going anywhere. [已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 Sometimes when leaving Nelson near the guard tower facing Forlorn Hope the Legion guards may attack you regardless of your rep with them. If you or your followers kill them, you will lose your reputation with them. If this occurs, reload save and just go around and stay out of sight. Occurs when doing a quest for Dead Sea. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Instead of three NCR troopers attacking Nelson, a group of roughly twelve may attack. They will kill any Legion Guards or Mongrels outside, and then stand in a circle in the center of the town. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Sometimes the NCR soldiers that are "tied up" are simply standing in front of the crosses. They appear to be "untied" but still need to be untied.[已验证]