Ashes Erin
Erin and Ashes in the Combes' room
Icon Vault 81 quest
奖励75+ XP
Fusion core, or
Kickball, or
Teddy bear, or
Silver locket
base id00033520
Did you find him? Did you find Ashes?

Erin Combes

Here Kitty, Kitty is a side quest in Fallout 4.


  1. 進入81號避難所
  2. 與艾琳對話。
  3. 離開避難所找貓。
  4. 前往栗丘蓄水庫
  5. 找到小貓灰灰送牠回家。
  6. 與艾琳對話。


一進避難所準備上電梯的時候,會遇到一隻名叫灰灰往外面跑的小貓,一旁的NPC會透漏主人是艾琳·康布斯,如果跟著小男孩奧斯汀遊覽的話,會見到小女孩艾琳,她會希望主角幫忙找回來。這裡如果通過魅力檢查,艾琳允諾的獎賞依序為足壘球、泰迪熊和傳家寶(銀相框),然而正常的任務獎勵為核融合核心,反而比說服的獎勵來得好。 來到81號避難所外面,在栗丘蓄水庫湖邊找到小貓灰灰,簡單的和牠對話,牠就一溜煙的跑回避難所了。回到避難所找艾琳,任務完成。


Quest stages编辑

100 Find Ashes and send him back homeErin Combes' cat, Ashes, has escaped Vault 81 and is now loose in the Commonwealth. She's asked me to find him and bring him home safely before something happens to him.
200 Talk to ErinI found Ashes out in the Commonwealth and sent him home. Luckily, no harm had come to him. I should find Erin and let her know.
400Icon crossQuest failed
1000Icon checkQuest complete


  • 如果任務牆中有洞沒觸發,可以透過完成此任務滿足其條件(即離開避難所一段時間後再進來)。
  • The player can send Ashes home from up to 60 yards away, by triggering the "Send Home" action through the scope of a scoped weapon.
  • 初遇見灰灰的地方,就算關閉避難所滑門仍無法阻止牠逃出去,滑門會自己打開。


  • Sometimes the option to send Ashes home might not show up. One known cause is if patch 1.3 was installed after entering Vault 81, but before starting this quest.[已核实]
    • Icon pc If you cannot issue the return home command, use the console commands resetquest 00033520 and setstage 00033520 100. These will allow Ashes to be interacted with and the quest to be completed normally.
    • Icon pc Alternatively, if you have changed the default key for the "Action" command, changing it back to "E" temporarily will sometimes allow you to send Ashes home.
    • Icon pc If neither of these work, use the console command setstage 00033520 200. This should advance the quest to "Talk to Erin", and make Ashes run home.
    • Icon xboxone The quest can be completed by reverting to a previous version of the game. This requires disconnecting your console from the network and installing Fallout 4 from a disc without allowing installation of patch 1.3.
  • When you get Ashes home and talk to Erin, she may only say generic dialogue and not reward you.[已核实]
  • Hearing about the quest from a NPC after accepting the quest from Erin will result in the quest telling you that you need to speak to Erin, marking her as the quest objective resulting in her only responding as though you had spoken to her and the cat not appearing at the dock.[已核实]
    • Icon pc It is possible to fix this bug by using the console commands resetquest 00033520 and setstage 00033520 10, then speaking to Erin. Another possible fix is to use prid 000c437b, and moveto player while in the Vault. Ashes will try to return to Chestnut Hillock Reservoir, and one can then use setstage 00033520 200. The player should tell Ashes to go home, and he will run to Erin, completing the quest.
    • Another option is when you return Ashes, stand there and let Erin talk to Ashes, then after she finishes talking the quest might be completed.
  • Ashes may not appear next to Erin when returned even though she talks to it normally and the quest is marked as complete.[已核实]
  • Even if all three speech checks are passed for the maximum reward, only the teddy bear will be rewarded at the end of the quest.[已核实]
  • Icon ps4 It is sometimes possible to send Ashes home from a great distance while aiming through a scope.[已核实]

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