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The broad machete is a unique weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. It was a pre-order exclusive close-combat weapon, included with the Tribal Pack, before the release of Courier's Stash. It is significantly stronger than the normal machete favored by members of the Legion.


寬刃大砍刀有着游戏里独一无二的外型 and an appearance that sets it apart from other machetes,其菲律宾式的刀刃经过精心的打磨,比起凯撒军团批量装备的砍刀,这把刀显然属于比较正统的武器。同時在PP小子上也有不同的图标显示。比普通砍刀更高的伤害和攻击速度,对近战流玩家来说,它在初期是很值得信赖的武器,整体性能强于其他的近战武器。Its forward power attack is more akin to non-player character power attacks, as well.


Unlike most other one handed melee weapons, 它无法使出Back Slash的特殊攻击。


它可以攻击370次 from full condition before breaking.



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预售包的部落包附赠,开局就送。It can now also be acquired by purchasing the add-on Courier's Stash.


  • Though the broad machete looks completely different to the machetes found in the main game, the Tribal Pack's promotional poster shows the character holding a plain machete.
  • The charge attack animation is the same as the Legion Assault's animation.
  • Unlike the other machetes, it has no limb damage bonus.

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