Haven Church is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


An old dilapidated church in the Mire, Haven Church used as a stronghold by raiders in the early months of 2078. The raiders attacked the church in December 2077, around the 14th. When the tip about the people using the church as a safehouse didn't pan out, one of the raiders, Cal, mowed them all down. The raiders tossed the bodies out into the bog and seized it. After winter, the raiders moved out into the surrounding area, hitting caravans, hunting deer, and even knocking off a rival gang. They planned to amass enough loot by summer to be able to trade for the ammo required to keep up their activities. In early February, the church's automatic organs started to malfunction and eventually, feral ghouls started to appear. By the 24th, the ghouls were attacking the church. Most of the raiders stayed behind to try and defend their claim, perishing in the process.[1]


The small church stretches on a north-south axis and is filled with grisly remnants of raider occupation. The southern end hosts the church proper, with the location's steamer trunk, and is linked to a Sunday school at the northern end by the administration office.




  • 第1天 - 從教堂剛進入地底坑道的地上。
  • 第82天 - 繼續往裡面走在靠近教堂的窗戶處地上。
  • 新的一天 - 走到最裡面的祭壇上。


At night time, the church plays organ music, while during the day, it is silent.


Haven Church appears only in Fallout 76.