这艘潜艇本应该在辐射2中扮演更重要的角色,但由于游戏太大而被砍掉了。 基本上,这是“准备油轮”任务的另一个阶段——基本上,这艘旧的中国潜艇埋在旧金山水域的下面,如果它发现任何美国船只靠近它,它的自动防御系统就会开火 它的导弹攻击船只并摧毁它。所以目的是让你找到一些停用代码来解除它的武装,然后才能将油轮安全地带到英克雷。Chris Avellone, Fallout聖經6
  • 潜艇的名称Shi-Huang-Ti是"ShǐHuángdì"(始皇帝)的另一种罗马拼写,始皇帝是统一中国的第一个皇帝,并且建立了秦朝
  • 这艘潜艇的名字拼错为"Shih-huang-ti"In-game spelling



  1. The Chosen One: "{175}{}{Tell me about this place.}"
    Fung: "{178}{}{You have come to the right person. Would you like long history or short?}"
    The Chosen One: "{180}{}{Short.}"
    Fung: "{182}{}{Our people landed here on the submarine Shih-huang-ti, when the missiles exploded over the world. With the aid of a cult, we, the Shi, rebuilt San Francisco. That is the short version.}"
    The Chosen One: "{183}{}{How about the long version?}"
    Fung: "{186}{}{The long version is this: We are here because our people are the descendants of the crew of a nuclear submarine, called the Shih-huang-ti. When the missiles fell in the Great Deluge, the systems aboard the submarine failed and we drifted in the dark for many days.}"
    Fung: "{188}{}{At last, we drifted ashore. We found ourselves near the ruins of San Francisco. Most of the city was devastated in the war. We had to recreate society based on the few survivors who had crept back to the city.}"
    Fung: "{190}{}{We rebuilt with what we could find, and we have scientists and technology the world must envy. We are rebuilding civilization, but not as that horrid Master creature did.}"
  2. The Chosen One: "{128}{}{What's the history of the place?}"
    Ken Lee: "{149}{}{We were the survivors from the wreck of a submarine. When we ran aground, we stripped the metal from the submarine to create the Palace. Some do not believe this.}"
    The Chosen One: "{150}{}{Hm. It sounds almost as if you're berating someone.}"
    Ken Lee: "{178}{}{Berating someone? Any fool who had done their research can see that the very basis of Shi-town is the wreckage of this submarine. It seems fruitless to argue with those who would say there is no submarine.}"
    The Chosen One: "{179}{}{That's very even-tempered of you.}"
    Ken Lee: "{180}{}{It certainly is. And I deal with these people on a daily basis. Alas!}"
  3. Shi Emperor: "{105}{}{CSPDMSHR-Shih-huang-ti-X9372}"
    (Shi Emperor's dialogue)