在將來探索」Waters of Life」時,你會發現在這裡的東面有一個英格雷的營地,他們幾乎都已經死了,種種跡象表明這裡發生了劇烈戰鬥,他們可能一直在通過研究妖怪的方式來控制與之類似的死亡爪,或者他們在設立營地是根本不知道附近有妖怪的巢穴,此外,一輛飛鳥直升機停在這附近。


A fairly straightforward cave with one main central intersection and a few smaller dead end branches off to the sides. Several wastelanders have attempted to make a home here at one time or another, as evidenced by the mattresses, cooking impliments, ammo containers and various other bric-a-brac.

The den portion of the tunnels lies in the eastern area of the cave, with another entrance in the southern section than can only be accessed from inside the yao guai den.最簡單抵達巢穴的方式為進入隧道後向東走,直到看見一個讓你選擇向北或向南的岔路口,然後向北走到達巢穴。

如果玩家擁有動物之友這個特技,this event is different: the yao guai may or may not stand instead of rushing right to left. At this intersection, marked by a lantern on the left and an overturned bathtub to the right, turn left (north). Continue onward to find a Nuka-Cola Quantum on a table, and turn right (east) there. Continue on this path until reaching a cavern with two exits leading south. Follow either path generally southward, past a stop sign and a downed chain link fence, to the entrance into the yao guai den.


The den is a roughly circular chamber with northern and southern tunnels leading back to the caves.直走到中心地帶,然後左尋找石坡道,沿著走到洞穴的邊緣,俯視一個月牙形的水池,坡底可以看到一個鐵箱,搖頭娃娃就在鐵箱子上面。 There is a crescent-shaped pool on the other side of the central pillar where the yao guai den note can be found on a dead settler floating in the water.


  • 戰前書籍就在你進入隧道後看到的餐桌上,邊上的格子里有有一些隨機的武器和彈藥。
  • After seeing the first Yao Guai run through the main intersection, shelves to the left have 3 Ammo Boxes (one locked - Very Easy), 3 Frag Mines, and other ammo.
  • 量子可樂在你拿搖頭娃娃:潛行經過的路上的一張桌子旁(詳細參見上文)。
  • 妖怪巢穴內一漂著屍體的池塘旁邊可以找到搖頭娃娃:潛行。旁邊一個拓荒者屍體可以找到妖怪巢穴筆記。
  • 妖怪隧道最南端強盜的屍體旁邊有一本Grognak the Barbarian。
  • 隱身娃娃,在南部一個很容易開的箱子里。


  • 由於這裡的敵人都是動物類,動物之友這個特技將使它們忽略你,但你仍然可以殺死它們得到經驗。
  • 除非你擁有動物之友這個特技,否則請把你的夥伴(特別是狗肉)放在洞外等待,因為在洞里他們非常容易掛掉(妖怪的攻擊力我想大家都明白)
  • 在洞口北面會隨機遇到商人。
  • 上面提到的巢穴筆記,從文件上可得知他們正在巢穴里建立一個定居點並封鎖了其他的隧道。但是由於幾個襲擊者闖入,導致柵欄被破壞,無意中使一些妖怪進入這裡。
  • 如果玩家使用隱身小子,那妖怪將不會看見你,除非你主動攻擊他們,3個隱身小子足以探索完洞穴。
  • 如果你沒有隱身小子,最好有火焰刀和縱火者特技,你也可以在潛行模式下用獵槍攻擊妖怪的頭部,然後靠近後VAST下使用火焰刀攻擊,這可以讓你非常高效的殺死妖怪。另外一個方式是用Scoped .44 Magnum , 或其特殊款 Blackhawk ,潛行模式下2發搞定,命中頭部的話直接秒。
  • There is one deceased inhabitant called Nan
  • The legde where you can find a dead raider (near the exit from the Yao Guai Den in the Yao Guai Tunnels) can be accessed by stacking objects up. This can allow one to get into this entrance to the Den, skipping much of the level.

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