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關於the Honest Hearts location,參見yao guai cave (Honest Hearts)
關於the area with a similar name,參見yao guai tunnels
Not to be confused with the Yao Guai Tunnels

The Yao Guai Cave is a small cave that can be reached by going through the Cliffside Cavern Raider outpost. If you fight through all of the Yao Guai, at the end of the cave you can find Nuka Grenade Schematics.

Alternative way编辑

The alternative way to reach the schematics is to simply jump down to the cavern floor below once you reach the main room, where one Yao Guai is patrolling. Kill it and proceed to take the schematics, which are next to a few skeletons. Now, go back to where you jumped down. On the side of the cavern, you should see rocks that you can jump and walk on. Navigate your way up and you will find yourself back at the exit/entrance. This way, you can skip fighting the other five Yao Guai, unless you attract them somehow. Make sure you don't let your follower take the long way around to catch up to you. Best to just let them wait at the entrance to the caves.

Notable Loot编辑


  • The cave has six Yao Guai, with a seventh wounded one just outside its entrance (in Cliffside Cavern).
  • The Yao Guai Cave is not to be confused with the Yao Guai Den containing the Sneak bobblehead, or the Yao Guai Tunnels. They are not connected to each other in any way.
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