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The Wayward is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2103.


The Wayward is a recently-established inn and bar not too far from Vault 76, on the corner of Routes 88 and 86. It is owned by Duchess and frequented by Mort and Sol. It is located across the street from the overseer's camp. Talking to Duchess after Batter is killed will start the Wayward Souls quest.


Left of the building there is a corn plantation, and a small brahmin pen, with three brahmins and Bessie.

The bar has two floors. The ground floor is composed of a first reception room where Polly stands and a second room that contains the bar counter, some tables and a small stage with musical instruments. There is also a small bathroom.

The upper floor contains an office, a storage room, and Duchess' bedroom.


  • 公爵夫人
  • 莫特凱·麥卡依
  • 吉德
  • 雪瑞絲
  • 笑臉
  • 阿索


  • [[莫特的全像卡帶第1集:放置C.A.M.P. - 開啟職業獵人任務後可以跟莫特取得。
  • 莫特的全像卡帶第2集:C.A.M.P.建造 - 同上。
  • 莫特的全像卡帶第3集:C.A.M.P.供電 - 同上。
  • 廣播卡帶 - 職業獵人任務道具。
  • 去找懷海德警官 - 酒吧樓上一個難度2的保險箱內。
  • 設計圖:克萊恩尋寶公司招牌 - 同上。
  • 阿索的發信器和鄧肯與鄧肯入口卡 - 團結力量大任務道具。
  • 克萊恩的地圖和羅科實驗庫房鑰匙卡 - 來去無蹤的克萊恩任務道具。
  • 激進份子面具 - 來去無蹤的克萊恩任務獎勵。
  • 波莉的舊頭部


The Wayward appears only in the Fallout 76 add-on Wastelanders.


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