Ah, fresh meat.... Welcome ta the slaver's guild. The name's Aidan. Ya here on business? Ya better be.Aidan

The Slaver's Guild is a faction in the Den East Side in 2241.

Nearly all slave trade in the New California Republic is done by the Guild, a collection of older slavers who decide prices and organize capture hunts. Anyone caught capturing or selling slaves without the blessing of the Slaver's Guild is usually executed. Since the Guild holds so much power, it often controls smaller towns where it operates, although from behind the scenes. Members of the Slaver's Guild have a distinctive tattoo covering most of their face, making them readily identifiable to both friend and foe, allowing the guild to make fast judgments when someone without "the tat" has a tribal up on the auction block.

As of 2241, the head of the Slaver's Guild is Metzger, whose headquarters is in the Den.


The Slaver's Guild is led by Metzger and Vortis that organize most of the men in the guild and determine how much a slave is worth. From time to time they send teams to get more slaves which mostly consist of alone travelers and tribals.


The technology of the Slaver's Guild is primitive at best. Most slavers simply wear leather armor, carrying either a 10mm pistol or a spear. Slavers will sometimes be seen patrolling the wasteland with dogs. Slavers also occasionally have stimpaks or drugs on them. Metzger carries a shotgun.

Relations with the outside

The Slaver's Guild is generally hated by everyone in New California. Most people refuse to deal with slavers, calling them the scum of the earth. Others, such as the Mordino family in New Reno, welcome the business provided by the Slaver's Guild. The Slaver's Guild has only one official base outside of the Den, the slave pens in the New California Republic Bazaar, lead by Vortis. The NCR Rangers shoot slavers on sight, making slavers in the southern part of New California a rare sight.

Interactions with the player character

The Slaver's Guild is a potential faction for the Chosen One to join in Fallout 2. They can then go on slave runs for some quick cash. However, in doing so, a number of quests will be locked out, as will one become an enemy of the New California Republic Rangers. Joining the guild will also make Sulik hostile.

Vic is also involved with the Slaver's Guild. The Chosen has the option to save him for assistance in search of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit.


The Slaver's Guild appears only in Fallout 2.