Orion Moreno is a retired Enclave soldier living in the outskirts of New Vegas in 2281.



在纳瓦罗基地被NCR攻占后,他和同僚们一起前往NCR躲藏。英克雷的失败对他是个巨大的打击。阿卡德记得他在逃离纳瓦罗基地时说“兄弟们,和美利坚吻别吧!”They continued to flee east as Enclave personnel trying to integrate into the NCR were being found. 在来到莫哈维和其他人分开后,他住在NCR佃农农场附近的一座小屋里。尽管明白那样对躲避NCR的搜捕没有任何好处,但他依然无法遏制自己对NCR的仇恨。

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For Auld Lang Syne: Orion Moreno is one of the Enclave remnants Arcade is asking you to find.


* He will only have these items when he has returned to the Enclave remnants bunker.


  • Like the other remnants, Orion has high health, greater than or equal to that of most companions. This, in addition to the high Damage Threshold provided by his armor, makes him something of a boss character and the fight is very difficult at lower levels. He can also use stimpaks, a rarity among hostile non-player characters.
  • Orion's word for the Remnants bunker is "Remember."
  • Killing him results in no Karma loss, but will immediately fail the quest For Auld Lang Syne.

Notable quotes编辑

  • "Back then, it was war. If we'd been on the winning side, I'd be called a hero."
  • "Change of plan - you'll find that I've sealed the doors to this hangar - I don't want my friends getting involved in our little disagreement. Once I'm done with you, I'll talk them out of this stupid plan. You've opened some old wounds - it's only fair I return the favor."
  • "All right, then - I'll show up at this gathering of yours. It might be good to see the others - Johnson excluded. Arcade might've mentioned there's a pass phrase needed to get into the bunker - my part is "Remember.""


Orion Moreno appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes编辑

If the Speech check is failed, an attempt again to "talk things out" he will say "We just did. Time for talking's over." a nod to Frank Horrigan from Fallout 2.


  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 When exiting the Vertibird at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, he may not spawn with any weapons. This will cause him to wander about. [已核实]
  • Icon pc Icon ps3 He can be found wandering around Gypsum Train Yard without any items equipped, although he has a Gatling laser, Remnants power armor and Helmet, some Electron Charge Packs, and 3 stimpaks in his inventory. These items can be pickpocketed but will not appear on his corpse if he is killed. If this occurs, he can still be found in his house, so the side quest For Auld Lang Syne is still completable if the other requirements permit. [已核实]


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