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You might have noticed the very large building just north of here. That's HELIOS One. The NCR runs the place, so it's off-limits to prospectors.

Old Lady Gibson



这里由海神能源公司建造于核战之前,Constructed before the war by Poseidon Energy, HELIOS One is a concentrated solar energy plant consisting of an enormous array of reflectors and the power plant itself (housing steam turbines and all of the machines required to transform the energy into usable electricity). The plant has been damaged extensively since the Great War (including recent incursions between the New California Republic and the remaining Brotherhood of Steel forces in the Mojave). Now, only a third of its reflectors are still fully intact and able to fully rotate. To make matters worse, various issues in the plant itself make the energy transfer inefficient, meaning the plant is operating far under potential. The NCR doesn't possess the scientific knowledge to get the plant in ideal shape, and both the Followers of the Apocalypse and the Brotherhood of Steel are reticent to help for political reasons. Due to its fragility, Caesar has no serious interest in HELIOS One, but his troops perform occasional raids on it to keep the NCR's forces spread out.[1]





Downstairs, the building's hallways circle in on themselves, leading to a pool room, where a unique toolbox that spawns either a sawed-off shotgun or a 10mm pistol can be found on a nearby shelf, as well as an open workshop leading upstairs, to the opposite side of the downstairs area, as well as a door leading further back into the building.

发电厂的“技术员” 范塔斯提克先生在这栋大楼稍靠后的一个房间里。他旁边的房间里才是真正的科学家-伊格纳西奥·里瓦斯。科学家的房间里有扇门,通向后院,也就是反光镜广场。



There are also a number of broken solar panels scattered around, that you can optionally repair/salvage for the Sunshine Boogie quest: you'll find the first near the tents behind the western terminal; walking along the outer row and the fence towards the eastern terminal will produce the next three; the final one is by the tents near the eastern terminal.




顺楼梯下去,經過小过道。 路上会有机器人的充电室,里面有几个机器人在充电。The door to the right in the initial corridor opens into a room contains some desks, skeletons and two Poseidon Energy employee ID cards. 最后来到电梯,直达监控室。



A desk by the generator has a wooden box with embossed red symbols([!]-[X]-[H]-[A]-[H]-[X]-[@]) on it. It cannot be picked up but may be interacted with.




  • 主楼2层有一本医学技能书,位置是进大门后,向右,穿过台球室向右,上楼的房间里。这屋床上有东边小棚子里終端的密码。
  • 一本科学杂志,位置在太阳能收集塔,进那个超大门之前的二层。(can be acquired from Ignacio Rivas during the That Lucky Old Sun quest if the Courier chooses to distribute the energy to the full region along with a large amount of Followers of the Apocalypse reputation.)
  • Poseidon Energy employee ID card - in the solar collection tower, on the bottom floor, in the room just prior to the elevator. It is on the floor next to a skeleton in the corner.
  • 一本修理杂志,位置也在塔里,过了斜坡隧道之后,那个大屋子里楼梯二层上。(英文版Wiki無此物品)

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  • 如果阿基米德一号防卫系统被激活,并且杀死了发电厂全部的NCR驻军,那么凯撒军团会在2天后趁虚而入,并且持续占领这里。结尾的幻灯片显示,在某种条件下,兄弟会或者NCR会在主线故事结束后收复这里。不过这里只有区区2个凯撒军团士兵,就像他们说的“随便去两人就能吓得NCR半死”。 发电厂的“技术员” 范塔斯提克先生仍然在岗,顯示凯撒军团还是有电力需求。
    • Even if the Legion takes over the plant, it will still report the player's reputation with the NCR.
    • Although the Legion occupies HELIOS One after Archimedes I is activated, no Legion fame is awarded. Nevertheless, Caesar will mention this upon the Courier's first trip to the Fort.
    • The ending slides reveal that under certain circumstances the Brotherhood of Steel or NCR will retake it after the events of the main game.
  • 如果你在死钱里和教父以利亚合作了,那么在结尾的部分会有一个小片段会讲述一些教父以利亚后来的丰功伟绩。他大力推广全息影像,而且企图用毒云“净化”莫哈维废土,然后和NCR对决。同时太阳神一号恢复全功率运行,估计阿基米德轨道炮也搞定了。
  • 在太阳能收集塔上有一个炮台,一起的有一个隐身小子。它不攻击你,你也弄不坏它。塔周围的红色标记就是它弄的。
  • After killing the dogs surrounding the eastern terminal, the soldiers in the area may become hostile, the soldiers outside will not however.
  • The hologram map in the Archimedes room is a map of the Capital Wasteland from Fallout 3, with some of the pyramid shapes on the map representing Raven Rock, Vault 101, Megaton, Rivet City, The Mall, and the Citadel.
  • Any protectrons deactivated prior to setting off the laser tripwire will reactivate and become immediately hostile. However, this does not prevent them from being deactivated a second time.
  • There are two smaller than average lockers located in a hallway near the room where Fantastic can be found.
  • 太阳神一号的反射镜面被用来修复内里斯基地的太阳能电池板了。这可能是因为建造者使用了高级的太阳能电池板来反射阳光,因为現實的太阳能电池板反光效率很低。
  • God (from Dead Money) is aware of HELIOS One and expresses disbelief that Elijah wanted to harness the power of the sun to use it as a weapon.
    • Even if the Courier diverts power to Archimedes II, there is no option to dissuade God.


HELIOS One appears only in Fallout: New Vegas and is mentioned in Dead Money.


  • 希臘神話中, Helios 為太陽神而希臘語中(Ἥλιος)這個字仍然表示太陽的意思。
  • This structure appears to be modeled after Solar Two located in the Mojave Desert in California, but the location is more similar to the unrelated Nevada Solar One southwest of Boulder City, Nevada (though Helios One is a bit further north; Nevada Solar One is just southwest of where Novac would be if it existed in our world).


  • Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 The NCR will be hostile towards the Courier, even if he/she is idolized by them.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Protectrons within the room with the laser tripwire seem to be immune to explosive damage.[已核实]
  • Icon pc Icon xbox360 Disarming the laser trip wire within the room with protectrons with Science skill does not however prevent it from opening the forcefields and letting protectrons out to attack Courier.[已核实]
  • Icon pc The hostile protectrons in the blue glowing holding containers can be disabled with Robotics Expert while inside the container. Somewhere between the waist and the feet, the cursor will typically change to red and you can "activate" the protectron and receive the option to disable it, as usual with the Robotics Expert perk.[已核实]
  • Icon ps3 The southwest room with the Mister Gutsy has two filing cabinets occupying the same place next to the sink.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 When entering the area with the solar panel, the Courier may be attacked by a few of Old Lady Gibson's dogs (Including Rey, Colmillo, Basura, and Audaz.) and a couple of mole rats. It is also possible to witness Old Lady Gibson appear along with her dogs. Reverting to previous auto save will prevent this, but reverting to a save (not auto) will make this occur. It is also possible to be attacked by just mole rats. It is also possible to obtain the Big Boomer Shotgun, from killing Old Lady Gibson[已核实]



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