Also, before I forget, here is a key to a safehouse you can use to rest if you happen to be in the area. I'll just mark it on your map.

Julie Farkas

天启追隨者藏身處位置在格里夫商队劫案现场的西面and to the south of Nevada State Route 157


要进入这里,需要使天启追随者很崇拜你为止。达成条件后,Julie Farkas那个医生会拉你入伙成为追随者一员,给你配把钥匙。当你能从她那买杂志的时候,她才会邀请你入伙。


  • 右边远处的床旁的床头柜附近,或者床头柜里有本医疗大书
  • 最左边的床东西有高级防辐射服和三眼激光步枪等等
  • 中间的床有多功能科研防护服和多管电浆步枪等等


  • Luria 医生隔几天就会来一趟。每次她来,都可以得到一个大治疗针,几个小针,一些防辐射药。
  • Doctor Luria does not usually take any items, (although she rarely may take consumables such as bottles of Nuka-Cola Victory/Nuka-Cola Quartz if they are left out).
  • There is also a workbench on the immediate left when you enter. There are also several shelves that players can place items on.
  • 那二台冰箱存不了东西,但是每次打开都会刷新里面的補給品,储物柜和军用手提箱可以。
  • If Doctor Luria is in the safehouse, the two refrigerators may restock different edible items. The player may empty the refrigerators and find them again restocked every few game days. Unwanted items placed in a refrigerator will be replaced with new items when the refrigerator is restocked.
  • If Doctor Luria is killed inside the safehouse, the refrigerators continue to work occasionally although sometimes they may be empty.
  • The water from the drinking fountain has zero rads.
  • Rarely, Legion assassins will appear outside the safehouse. If you run from them and enter the building, they will follow you.
  • Sleeping in the beds will grant the Well Rested bonus.




  • Xbox 360 After the new update (1.3), the safehouse may replenish its weapons and armor and any stored items may be lost.[已核实]
  • PC Xbox 360 Playstation 3 Sometimes Doctor Luria may spawn inside the safehouse. She will be standing with her eyes closed but cannot be interacted with as she will be unconscious.[已核实]
  • Playstation 3 When fast-traveling here, a bighorner may spawn behind you.[已核实]
  • Xbox 360 Playstation 3Luria医生在的时候,冰箱里的东西可以原地刷新,就算你清空了也一样。百试不爽,她走了以后,冰箱也就不发疯了。[已核实]
  • Xbox 360在舊版本中,有时候所有避难所都没东西可拿,包括这里。更新之後就解決了此問題。
  • Xbox 360 If the player's reputation with the Followers of the Apocalypse is risen to Idolized while in dialogue with Julie Farkas, her dialogue in which she grants the key can possibly become permanently locked. An example of this bug would be if the player donates some medicine to Julie Farkas via dialogue options and reaches Idolized reputation with the Followers of the Apocalypse. Afterwards, the player would be unable to trigger the dialogue which grants the key. [verification overdue]