Big Town is a medium sized settlement of 9 inept Wastelanders, located far north of Vault 101, near the river bend, and southeast of the Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema.


大鎮的居民由小燈火鎮前居民組成。視情況而定,當小燈火鎮的居民到了16或18歲時,他們就不被允許繼續住在小燈火鎮(depending on who you talk to in Little Lamplight and Big Town.)

為此,小燈火鎮的高層編造出大鎮,並且將大鎮宣揚為一個安全舒適的地方 。事實上,大鎮不斷地受到奴隸販子和變種人的侵襲,對於這些侵略,意志消沉的居民的抵禦可謂力不從心。當獨行者初次造訪時,他會發現有些居民已經被超級變種人綁架至日耳曼敦的一間老舊警察局


Big Town is a small town which apparently used to be a sprawl of suburban housing before the Great War. It has since been transformed into a makeshift fortress, with walls made of cars, debris and rubble. The dilapidated homes are fortified with barbed wire and sandbags. The town is only accessible by using a bridge as the town is surrounded by barricades.



  • 瑞德 : 大鎮唯一可以交易和提供治療的人
  • Shorty
  • 德斯坦
  • 阿亮
  • 苦杯 (Bittercup,源自聖經)
  • 帕皮 (美國對爸爸的方言稱呼Pappy)
  • 彈仔
  • 金巴
  • Sticky



  • Big Trouble in Big Town
  • A Sticky Situation
  • Bittercup Runneth Over
  • Ticking Timebomb
  • Strictly Business


  • 如果你在完成此鎮任務時選擇用科學修理機器人,一個帶著妖怪的拾荒者會出現在鎮上。 (Xbox 360/PC )
  • If, in Big Trouble in Big Town, you use the science option to help the residents of Big Town, you end up fixing the Sentry Bot and Protectron in the junkyard for the town. You can attack and even destroy these robots without any of the human residents becoming hostile or attacking you. Not known whether this is a bug or if it was intentional.
  • 如果你在30級的時候要選almost perfect這個特技(基本屬性全變9)的話,不要忘記先把8號幸運球從身上拿走,否則選這個perk後拿走幸運球你的運氣屬性會變成8。




  • 大鎮南面的木上刻有」TES04」 即上古捲軸4Bethesda的另一款大作。
  • Big Town是Roy Brown一首歌的名字,他同時也是唱Butcher Pete 和Mighty Mighty Man的歌手,這兩首歌都可以在三狗的電台聽到
  • 苦杯這個角色有可能是向上古卷軸3的角色火眼艾迪絲(巴爾莫拉戰士公會理事)致敬,在晨風的盜賊公會任務中玩家要拿到BITTER CUP去賄賂她。


  • If you turn Red into a slave then ask a resident about places to trade, they will tell you to go to Red although she is no longer in Big Town.
  • Save, make Red a slave, load, you will see Red in a random place in the Wasteland, make her a slave and you will see Red go to fight three DeathClaw misterously spawned in that moment, this looks like a wierd easter egg. (Tested many times on the european PlayStation 3 version)
  • After you rescue Red and Shorty from Germantown Police HQ, you can talk to Red for a reward. You now have the option to fight some super mutants or help them defend themselves. If your science skill is high enough, you can teach them to repair some robots to help them defend themselves. This option is bugged. Sometimes the residents will walk to the Junkyard where there are no robots to repair. The residents will just stand around complaining about you doing nothing and no option to switch choices. (PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360)
  • Big town is usually under attack by far creatures, even if Big Town is totally closed.

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