The Great wanamingo mine is a location in the city of Redding. It is one of the gold mines of the region, on the west end of town.[1] By 2241, it became inactive thanks to being infested with the alien-like wanamingos.


The great wanamingo mine was shuttered after the emergence of wanamingos. The slaves working the mine were forced to blow up the dynamite store in order to escape the abominations.[2]


The wanamingo mine has an above-ground area and below that a two-level tunnel system. Numerous entrances to the mine exist, including one inside a ripped-open grave in the mining camp. Travel within the mine is extremely precarious, as the wanamingos have extraordinary senses of perception and can detect intruders even through the walls of the mine, rushing in quickly to dispose of any interlopers. The mine is rumored to contain explosives as well as special electronic chips within the rusting hulks of the mining machinery.

Notable loot


Mayor Ascorti tries to coerce newcomers to Redding into buying a deed to the mine billing it as a great investment, $1000 for the richest mine in the town. In order to make any profit from the deed, some eradication is required.


The great wanamingo mine appears only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

The fenced-off building in the west appears to be the "Skum Pitt" and looks like a drinking establishment. In Fallout, the Skum Pitt bar can be found in Junktown.



  1. The Chosen One: "{198}{}{Where did you say the Great Wanamingo Mine is?}"
    Athabaska Dick: "{200}{}{Jist west of town. But I heard that some of the Wanamingos been coming into town late at night. So mebbe' you won't have to go out there to see 'em. Heh-hee.}"
  2. The Chosen One: "{139}{}{Hear any interesting rumors?}"
    Athabaska Dick: "{146}{}{Well, not much lately except about them goll-dang Wanamingos.}"
    The Chosen One: "{147}{}{Want-a-mongols? What the heck is that?}"
    Athabaska Dick: "{158}{}{You're tellin' me you ain't never heard of the Wanamingos?}"
    The Chosen One: "{160}{}{Nope, never heard of anything like that. Tell me about them.}"
    Athabaska Dick: "{165}{}{Well, some say they were here before the A-bombs, H-bombs, and all-what-else hit. Others say they were jean-eti-cally injuneered as weapons. An' then there's some what says that they're from a whole differ'nt planet. }"
    The Chosen One: "{166}{}{What are *they*? Who cares where they came from, just tell me what *they* are.}"
    Athabaska Dick: "{168}{}{Well, I don't rightly know what they are 'zactly. But I kin tell you this: they shut down the Wanamingo Mine just west of town a few years back.}"
    The Chosen One: "{169}{}{The Wanamingo mine?}"
    Athabaska Dick: "{171}{}{Yup. And the Great Wanamingo was the richest strike in these here parts, too. But now, nobody'll go near it. Heck, you could even buy it from Ascorti if you wanted to. But nobody will.}"
    The Chosen One: "{173}{}{I could buy it? Is it worth anything?}"
    Athabaska Dick: "{176}{}{Well, not right now it ain't. Haven't you heard anything I've said? It's filled with them damn Wanamingos. But if'n someone was to clean the place out - well that'd be a brahmin of a differ'nt color. Heck, you wouldn't even have to kill all of 'em.}"
    The Chosen One: "{177}{}{What do you mean?}"
    Athabaska Dick: "{179}{}{Well, there's some stuff in there that the owners of the Morningstar and the Kokoweef mines here in town would sure pay a pretty penny for.}"
    The Chosen One: "{180}{}{What kind of stuff?}"
    Athabaska Dick: "{182}{}{Well, ya see, mines used to be dug out by big machines. Heck, those machines are built to last. Both mines got big diggers. But - an' here's the money question - the dang little control chips weren't made so tough. Neither mine's got a chip that works. Heh-hee.}"
    The Chosen One: "{183}{}{I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at here.}"
    Athabaska Dick: "{185}{}{Well, what I'm saying is that either mine owner would pay for one of these digger-control-chips. Heck, if they had a workin' machine and the other mine doesn't, they'd shut the other mine down - or buy 'em out - in no time.}"
    The Chosen One: "{186}{}{Too bad nobody knows where to get one of those chips, then.}"
    Athabaska Dick: "{188}{}{Squee-gee out your dang ears! I told you where to look for the damn chip. Ain't you been listening to a word I said? The Wanamingo mine had machines, and they were workin' 'til the time the mine got shut down. Prolly still chips down there. Jist waitin' fer someone to come along an' take 'em.}"

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