關於the location as it appears in the canceled Fallout 3 project Van Buren,參見Grand Canyon (Van Buren)

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He's dead - nobody, no matter how tough, can survive a fall into the Grand Canyon!Antony when the Courier asks him about the Burned Man

The Grand Canyon, sometimes referred to as the Magnum Chasma within Caesar's Legion,[1] is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona.


Just prior to the Great War, Fredrick Sinclair would choose a site close to the Grand Canyon to construct the Sierra Madre an entirely self-sufficient casino and resort largely away from civilization.

In 2247, the Blackfoot tribe, at war with seven other tribes in the canyon, captured Edward Sallow, Joshua Graham, and Calhoun, who was at the time working with the Followers of the Apocalypse. Edward taught the Blackfoots how to create weapons and properly wage war, and soon took over the tribe. He led the Blackfoots on an attack on the Ridgers' village, where he ordered them to surrender. When they refused, every man, woman, and child was killed. The Kaibabs were then surrounded by the Blackfoots, and were also asked to surrender. When they refused, a Kaibab envoy was directed to the Ridgers' village, and the Kaibab soon capitulated and joined up with the Blackfoots. The Fredonians followed suit, also joining the Blackfoots. The Blackfoots had soon conquered the region. It was after this that Edward crowned himself "Caesar" and Legion was born.

In 2277, the Malpais Legate was covered in pitch, set alight and thrown into the canyon by Caesar, due to his failure to capture Hoover Dam during the First Battle of Hoover Dam. Making an example of the legate for the severe casualties sustained among the Legion forces during the battle, he was left for dead. A slave named Siri mentions him and the location if spoken to at the Fort.[2]


  • The Grand Canyon is mentioned in the song Two Left Hands, which plays on Appalachia Radio in Fallout 76.
  • Harold mentions the location when speaking with the Chosen One.[3]


The Grand Canyon is shown in intro slides in the add-ons Dead Money and Honest Hearts, and is mentioned in Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

  • The Grand Canyon is based on the real world location of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
  • A large portion of the canceled game Van Buren was going to take place in the location.



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