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The Dolly Sods wilderness is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


The Dolly Sods wilderness is one of three marked locations which make up the general Dolly Sods area. The other two locations are the Dolly Sods lookout to the northwest, and the Dolly Sods campground to the south. The location contains two buildings which are connected by a dirt path - a large entrance building and a sizable residential cabin to the west, beside the lookout tower.

A yao guai often guards the front of the entrance building. Once it is dealt with, the first area after entering the front door is a large reception area, to which all the other rooms in the building are connected. To the right of reception is a large gift store with some remnants of its pre-War merchandise still intact, including toys and crockery. To the left of reception is a large sitting area with a dining table and a grand piano. The magazine rack in this room sometimes holds a magazine. There are also two storage areas in this building. One contains filing cabinets with generic loot and the other contains rifles and ammo behind a locked door (Picklock 2). Behind the main building are several outhouses, one of which contains the body of a dead vault dweller.

The door at the back of the main building opens up onto a path which leads to a two-story residential cabin with a tinker's workbench on the porch outside. The ground floor consists of a large open plan living and dining area with a fireplace and an adjoining combined kitchen and dining area. There are three rooms on the second floor - a bedroom with four bunk beds, a bedroom with a single bed and Ranger Trujillo's terminal, and a locked storeroom (Picklock 2). The storeroom contains a mole costume consisting of a tattered mole head, tattered mole outfit, and mole miner gauntlet.


  • 即將完成 - 在地圖標記西邊的小木屋,客廳桌上。
  • Plan - On a table in the locked room upstairs.
  • 破爛的鼴鼠服裝頭部 - 小木屋樓上鎖著的房間內。
  • A bobblehead - Behind the counter in the shop (beneath the cash register).
  • Power armor chassis with T-series armor pieces - From the back porch of the east-most cabin, look to the southeast. You should see a pickup truck immediately beside the porch and a stump about 18 steps away. Go southeast past the stump and then past the firepit partially hidden in the grass. The armor is just a bit farther down the hill, about 16 steps from the stump.


The Dolly Sods wilderness appears only in Fallout 76.




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