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The crashed space station, Valiant, is a location in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia in 2102. It comprises the wreckage of Valiant space station, which fell from orbit after the Great War.[1]


The crashed space station is located in a large, shallow crater near the northeastern edge of the Toxic Valley. It appears to have fallen from orbit at a high velocity, devastating the surrounding area. Small sections of the torus, presumably torn off by the impact, lie around the partially-intact main body of the station, which is on its side. The skeletons of former station personnel are scattered across the area. Fissure site Delta is south of here.


  • 氣閥C7存貨清單 - 旋輪殘骸西南方不遠處太空站殘骸的骷髏旁。
  • 無題詩 - 太空站東南方山坡上一棟屋子的戶外廁所內,靠近knife edge。Note, in an outhouse near a raider cabin on a promontory in the hills south of the station ruins.
  • 太空衣太空衣頭盔 - 氣閥C7內,門口的密碼鎖需要上述存貨清單的密碼。
  • Random armor mod - Immediately south of the middle of the station, inside a destroyed section and laying on the ground at the left, inside.
  • Random recipe - On a metal shelf in the raider cabin on the aforementioned promontory (roughly east from the crash site, on top of the mountain).
  • Raider power armor chassis - On the second floor of the raider cabin.


The crashed space station appears only in Fallout 76.


墜毀的太空站設計看起來有點像黑島當初的Fallout 3(代號Van Buren)的Ballistic Orbital Missile Base 001太空站。 現實中這種環狀太空站的設計起源自1950年沃納·馮·布勞恩的設計和模型,其使用了康斯坦丁·齊奧爾科夫斯基的理論,即利用旋輪製造人工重力that would be controlled not only by the size of the ring but by how fast it would spin.NASA在1975年策劃史丹佛環面就是同構想的巨大版本,但到目前為止從未嘗試建造unless the Space Station X-1 attraction built by von Braun and Walt Disney in 1955 is counted.



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