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Tanagra Town is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


Upon discovering Tanagra Town, the first thing to notice is the massive land mass located in the middle. This large structure is a tall mass of rock surrounded by vines. These vines twist around the structure and have a variety of objects stuck inside of them such as cars, houses, fences, appliances, etc. These objects create a staircase that the player character is able to climb up and reach the top of the structure.

On the ground, located in front of the vine structure, is a small shack and a small ruined house. There are trees surrounding the town and a rusted wire fence is located near the small shack.


  • There is a random magazine located on the teacher's desk in the school on top of the structure.
  • Three plans:
    • One random plan can be found on the desk at the top of the vine structure, next to the weapon.
    • One random plan can be found in the school at the top of the vine structure.
    • Plan: Shielded lining operative underarmor - In a warehouse next to the Tanagra Town bus stop. The code to the keypad is 748250.
  • Two random recipes:
    • One can be found in a destroyed home on the western side of the town, on a stove.
    • One can be found in a house at the top of the tree structure in the middle of town.
  • 活下去的理由 - 樹上最頂端的城鎮區,中間的一棟房子內。
  • Didn't want to hurt them
  • Vault-Tec bobblehead - On top of the bed on the top floor of one of the houses.
  • 配對鑰匙卡02 - 上述樹頂,在另一棟房屋二樓(幾乎沒地板)角落,壓在摺成三角的美國國旗下。
  • Stealth Boy - In an open box at the top of the vine structure, inside the classroom.


  • Gold and crystal veins can be found inside the giant tree structure in the middle of town.
  • One of the faces found in the Lucky Hole mine can also be found in the tunnels headed up to the top of Tanagra Town.


Tanagra Town appears only in Fallout 76.


Graffiti can be found which reads "Darmok + Jalad", a reference to the 銀河飛龍 episode "Darmok." 塔納格拉鎮(Tanagra)也是出自同一集。


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