基利安·达克沃特(英文:Killian Darkwater)于2161年是垃圾鎮的鎮長。[1][Non-game 1] 他经营着自己的杂货店达克沃特店,并担任垃圾城守卫的负责人。[2][3][Non-game 1]


垃圾城创始人的孙子及其前任市长的儿子,[4][5][Non-game 1]基利安·达克沃特年轻时曾与商队一起旅行,但最终安顿下来并在垃圾城开设了一家杂货店“达克沃特店”。[6][2]基利安在他父亲去世后担任垃圾城的市长,[5]公众普遍认为他是一个坚强坚强的人,行事公平,会尽其所能保护垃圾城。[7][8][Non-game 1]

作为领导者,基利安严厉打击犯罪和阴暗行为,专注于吉斯莫和他的赌场[9][10][Non-game 1] 尽管他并不擅长与当地帮派达成交易以帮助维持和平。[11]这种态度让他激怒了吉斯莫,吉斯莫认为他的赌场是在基利安升任市长后垃圾城繁荣的唯一原因。[12]



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该角色是一名商人 卖: 各种商品




服装 武器 其他 物品 死 亡
市民装 沙漠之鹰 治疗针 x3
.44玛格南JHP x20


  • 每次加载游戏或进入该区域时,他库存中的随机瓶盖数量都会重置。
  • 第一次和他说话后 - 當贤治進入建築物,第一次和他說話時,基利安的库存發生變化。具體細節個不同,但他總是會有一把新的沙漠之鷹,即使之前那把被買走或偷走。
  • 无论吉斯莫是否要求提供死亡证明,基利安的狗牌都可从他的尸体中找到。
  • 基利安與他的配音員外表非常相似。
  • 如果在店裡開鎖被抓到,他會阻止放逐者。進入對話然後放逐者會被關進監獄。
  • 基利安佩戴的狗牌很可能属于他的祖父,他是一名军人。[4][13]





  1. The Vault Dweller: "Who are you?"
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    Killian Darkwater: "That's my store. You need it, I got it."
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  3. The Vault Dweller: "So you pretty much have the run of the town, eh?"
    Sherry: "You bet! Nobody messes with us! Well, except for Killian, but he's cool and all. He's like the sheriff man. We do whatever we want."
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  7. The Vault Dweller: "What do you know about Junktown?"
    Patrick the Celt: "Junktown? A small trading city. Strange place until you get used to it. They are run by mayor Killian Darkwater, a hard but fair man."
    (Patrick the Celt's dialogue)
  8. The Vault Dweller: "That's a pretty long trip."
    Tycho: "Yeah, it was. Decided to take it easy for a while. This place shows some promise, just as soon as someone cleans up some of the scum."
    The Vault Dweller: "Why don't you?"
    Tycho: "Not my place. I'd rather not cross Killian, after all. He'll clean up this town when he gets around to it. A good man, mark my words. But watch out for that fellow Gizmo. Reminds me of another fat freak my father told me about back in Las Vegas."
    (Tycho's dialogue)
  9. The Vault Dweller: "Who's your boss?"
    Sinthia: "Gizmo, of course. He runs all the sin in this town. Killian sure as hell wouldn't put up with me or my kind. If it wasn't for the fact that I make Giz a whole hell of a lot of money, I'd have to do other things to him."
    Sinthia: "And, honey, those thoughts just don't do my stomach a whole lot of good.."
    (Sinthia's dialogue)
  10. The Vault Dweller: "So, what keeps you lawboys from just busting Gizmo and the Skulz?"
    Lars: "Got to do it all proper like. We know that Gizmo runs a rigged operation and all, but we need hard evidence to bring him down. Same with the Skulz; they rough someone up, we bring one or two of 'em in, but nothing changes. We just don't have any direct evidence tying them to any of the killings or muggings."
    (Lars's dialogue)
  11. The Vault Dweller: "You have some sort of deal with Killian?"
    Vinnie: "We don't bother Killian and he doesn't bother us as long as we keep it low-key. You get me?"
    (Vinnie's dialogue)
  12. The Vault Dweller: "You're right, I'm sorry. So let's talk business."
    Gizmo: "All right, [Gizmo snorts] here's the deal. Junktown, it ain't what it used to be. The only reason it's still here is because of my gambling establishment. Even so, Killian's been breathing down my neck, and I'm starting to take it personal. [Gizmo snorts] And that's where you come in, slick."
    (Gizmo's dialogue)
  13. "狗牌"
    "A set of military dog tags. The name Darkwater is readable, but not much else is."


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