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Metro tickets are miscellaneous items in Fallout 3.


Metro tickets are requested at any metro station in the Capital Wasteland that still has active Protectrons. Having a ticket can prevent making one of these robots hostile.

These Protectrons are inactive by default, but can be activated by hacking a nearby terminal as they then come out of their capsule and search the area for hostiles and passengers. When a Protectron is activated, it will approach a target and scan for a ticket. If it finds one on them, it will take the ticket and let the person move along.


  • Found commonly in metro stations.
  • Broken Steel Up to 50 tickets can be found scattered throughout Olney Powerworks. In the building, there are 36 metro tickets assembled in a traditional triangular card stack on a desk.
  • Some feral ghouls in the metro tunnels carry tickets.


Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 When the Protectron scans the Lone Wanderer for a ticket, it will not detect the ticket(s) in the inventory and turn hostile. [已驗證]