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You stay away from the generator room!Gustavo

地鐵通道&發電機 is an access tunnel from Tenpenny Tower to Metro system under the Capital Wasteland. The access is sealed off by a sturdy containment door, but can be opened with a terminal. The terminal room - the generator room - can only be accessed from a staircase behind Tenpenny Tower using a key, but has a window into the access tunnel.

Since it exits into Tenpenny Tower, the first room is used as a storage, but no valuable loot for the player.


  • Tenpenny Tower (quest)


  • With some clever use of the third person camera, the player can access the terminal from the opposite side of the glass. Normally, complicated scripted events are triggered by opening the blast door (part of the Tennpenny Tower quest); because the player accesses the terminal without the proper set-up for these events, the game will crash almost instantly after unlocking the doors.