ANOTHER murder?
Ain't murder. Murder's an ugly word. This is business. Politics, if you will. Both two respectable institutions.
Chosen One and John Bishop

Murder Carlson in NCR is a quest in Fallout 2.


Second of John Bishop assignments, and a key step on the road to becoming a made man of the family, is the assassination of Vice President Carlson in NCR town. This frail but powerful man resides in a high security compound within the Congress district of NCR. There are two obstacles to overcome, one, there is a forcefield that blocks the way, two, the area is crawling with members of the police force.

A plan

There are three ways of getting inside the compound:

  1. Steal a Presidential A+ pass from Gunther in the Hall of Congress and show it to the cop standing guard at the compound gate
  2. Talk to Merk, who, provided the Chosen One did not annoy him and retrieved Dr. Henry's papers, will arrange a job interview for them for $50.
  3. Repair the forcefield emitter. Of course, this counts as unauthorized access and one will have to fight everyone on the map.

Regardless, once inside, it is a classic hit: there are no requirements as to how the vice president has to die.

However, if the player character does not want a fight, they can use his son as a suicide bomber. Talk to the boy for the first time, then set the timer on some explosives and plant them on him, talk to him again and ask him to "tell your father I'm [you're] here?" and watch the boy run inside. Wait for the explosion and receive the experience, including possible title of a Childkiller.