The mutants at the watershed need dirt-naps. Makes my shadow grow. You slice 'em and rewards run to you. Info, too.Set

Destroy the Super Mutants at the Watershed is a side quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Destroy the Super Mutants at the Watershed
Talk to Set and take the work he offers (optional).
Kill all the super mutants at the Watershed.
Report back to Set for your reward.
Garret likes you
Garret really likes you
Reward: 40 bottle caps
4 Nuka-Cola
4 flares
Reward: 50 bottle caps
1 shotgun
40 12 gauge shotgun shell
Reward: 200 bottle caps
1 shotgun
40 12 gauge shotgun shell
40 bottle caps
4 Nuka-Cola
4 flares

Detailed walkthrough

The Vault Dweller needs to start this quest before 110 game days have passed (by March 25, 2162), or all the ghouls in Necropolis will have been killed by the super mutants of the Master. If the Vault Dweller has killed the Master before this time, the ghouls in Necropolis will be there forever. If not, they will die after 30 days.

If the Vault Dweller talks to Set peacefully, the leader of the Necropolis ghouls, he will give them the opportunity to work for him. He wants the Vault Dweller to kill the super mutants in the Watershed area. Alternatively, one can just go to the Watershed and kill all the super mutants first, then ask Set for payment afterward. Go to the Watershed through the sewers and prepare for a difficult fight.

There are a total of six super mutants in the area, including Harry, who is the most heavily armed. Once all are dead, return to Set in the evening to receive a reward. If the Vault Dweller then asks Set for the information they earned, he will warn them to tread lightly as he could turn hostile for it; in which case they would have to fight all of his ghouls.

Alternatively, if the military base has been destroyed before talking to Harry, it is possible to order him and his super mutants to leave Necropolis peacefully, as long as Charisma and Speech checks are passed.



If Garret likes the Vault Dweller:

If Garret really likes the Vault Dweller:

  • 200 bottle caps
  • One shotgun
  • 40 12 gauge shotgun shell
  • Four Nuka-Cola
  • Four flares


  • The Children of the Cathedral members in the Watershed area will flee once the super mutants are dead.
  • Looting the fridge from which Garret retrieves the reward will make him state, upon waddling to the fridge, that some things are missing. In that case, no extra items are given.
  • When the Vault Dweller kills the super mutants and talks to Set, Garret will go to give the rewards. However, even if the Vault Dweller didn't retrieve the reward, they can tell Set how lousy it is. This action can turn him hostile.
  • If the Vault Dweller completes the quest, then enters the vault to take the water chip, returning to Set will automatically make him hostile saying that the Vault Dweller "vanished the water chip."
  • The quest won't be available after destroying the Master before speaking to Set for the first time.