Our suites are so sweet you'll never want to return to the tedium of everyday life.— 廣告



The Statesman Hotel served upper-class clientele pre-war, based upon terminal entries written by the concierge, along with entries from the Nurse's terminals in Our Lady of Hope. The Statesman Hotel serves a role in the Reilly's Rangers quest, as well as having ties to Stealing Independence and Agatha's Song. The hotel has two entrances, one on street level, and one accessed from Our Lady of Hope. There are four areas to the hotel, the ground floor, mid-level, restaurant, and roof.




  • 在二樓東北方向一個房間的桌子上有一本垃圾鎮笨小販傳奇,緊挨著一部電話和兩個咖啡杯。
  • 入口附近一個櫃檯上的保險箱里有可能包括隱身小子在內的隨機物品。


  • Theo's Ammo Box, in the first (southwest) stairwell you reach upon entering the Statesman from the fallen tower bridge.  Part of the Reilly's Rangers quest.
  • 來自小月牙的父親的筆記,用於在獨立宣言任務後換取希妮10毫米超級衝鋒槍。這盤磁帶位於有電梯通向餐館層的一間卧室里,隱藏在一具躺在白色床上的骷髏下面。
  • 通向國賓館上層的走廊里,右手邊的一個房間內有一本中國軍隊訓練手冊。它被放在一個擺滿檯燈的書架上,旁邊有幾盒阿伯萊薩清潔劑。這個房間的角落裡還有一些皮搋子。


  • 餐館中央酒吧區域的一個架子上有一本野蠻人諾南和一把短管霰彈槍。
  • 還是這個區域,櫃檯後面的一個架子上還有一瓶量子型核子可樂。
  • If you don't have one and need one for fixing the elevator, the building's sole Fission Battery is located on a Maintenance Protectron in a closet behind the southwest set of stairs in the main Alfresco Lounge bar.


  • 在那些演奏音樂時用的架子和椅子附近有一張樂譜。


  • Reilly's Rangers


  • 輻射3中的國賓館基於現實生活中華盛頓特區的威拉德飯店。從1804年起,每位總統都來這裡打發過時間。此外,據說英文「遊說(Lobbying)」一詞的來源就是這座賓館的大堂(Lobby)。
  • 賓館二層217室的門上有血跡和抓痕,並且被堵得很嚴實。這個場景跟作家斯蒂芬·金的小說「閃靈」中出現的237室的情況是一樣的。
  • 在賓館內某個房間的浴缸里有一具骷髏的姿勢酷似法國名畫《馬拉之死》。
  • 國賓館的名字(The Statesman Hotel)可能是參照了鄰近華盛頓,亞歷山卓市的Statesman Motel,不過該旅館現在已經歇業了。


  • Warning: During the Reilly's Rangers quest, it is possible for the Player Character to be temporarily trapped in this building if the Fission Battery used for repairing the roof's elevator is lost. If this occurs, the PC will find that the door that leads to Our Lady of Hope Hospital via a fallen girder is inaccessible by normal means, as it is on the floor above the bedroom which the PC drops into to enter the hotel. To reach this upper floor, five Large Scorched Books are required; any book will work, but is much easier with large books. If these are stacked on the very edge of the bookcase as close to the door as possible, the PC will be able to jump from the top of the stack onto the next floor and escape the hotel.
  • 在賓館內的樓梯上玩家可以找到已死的遊騎兵西奧。他的屍體旁邊有一個只能用瑞麗給的密碼打開的彈藥箱。打開這個箱子是瑞麗的遊騎兵任務中的可選目標之一。要開始瑞麗的遊騎兵任務,玩家需要到地下城的大肉店找到昏迷不醒的瑞麗。玩家可以自己叫醒她,也可以通過一個口才測試讓巴羅斯醫生叫醒她。任務開始之後瑞麗就會把盒子的密碼告訴玩家了。
  • 賓館入口外有一枚墜毀的三角洲9號火箭。火箭著地時的撞擊把一個管道暴露在了彈坑外面並且造成了很嚴重的污染。 In this sewer can be found a D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine, a decent condition Scoped .44 Magnum, a Stealth Boy and a small supply of ammo and chemicals, though the radiation in these tunnels can be lethal without a rad-suit (one is nearby in a personal protection shelter) or a supply of Rad-X/RadAway.
  • There is a box of ammunition in a stairwell next to one of Reilly's Rangers (Theo), now dead, that can only be unlocked using a code given by Reilly herself. This box is part of the Reilly's Rangers mission. Reilly can be found lying on the bed in The Chop Shop (Underworld), you can revive her, or you can have Doctor Barrows revive her with a speech check to start the Reilly's Rangers quest. She will give you the code for the ammo box.
  • 在賓館中層的一台核子可樂販售機前貌似有一人因喝可樂過多而導致死亡。
  • 掃清整個賓館後在樓頂可能會發生隨機遭遇事件。如果你有安裝DLC斷鋼的話,超級變種人領主也是可能出現的敵人之一。