國民警衛隊訓練場(英文:National Guard training yard)是2287年位於聯邦的一處地點。





  • 國民警衛隊員密碼 - 在徵兵辦公室樓上的辦公桌裡,解鎖一樓的終端以及軍營和軍械庫的門。
  • 隱身小子 - 軍營二樓,走到有著巨大破洞的房間,就在黃色木箱左邊櫃上。
  • U.S. Covert Operations Manual - 在軍營的自助餐區桌上,靠近冷卻器。
  • 2件動力裝甲骨架
    • On the western outskirts of the yard is a pile of large shipping crates. Inside one of them is a leveled full suit of power armor behind an expert locked security gate.
    • 軍械庫內,在有著終端鎖住的門後,裝甲部位數量依據玩家等級而定。
  • 2 Vault-Tec lunchboxes
    • Behind/inside the curved desk at the far end of the main room in the recruitment building.
    • Inside the National Guard armory in the power armor room on the far left wall on top of the cabinet near a toolbox.
  • 飛行頭盔 - 在徵兵辦公室主房西南角的睡袋旁。

Related quests

  • The Silver Shroud: Upon killing one of the many people who have harmed the Commonwealth, the "Silver Shroud" may, optionally, assassinate Shelly Tiller.
  • The Lost Patrol: After discovering a distress signal, the Sole Survivor will find a fallen Brotherhood member...
  • Ghoul Problem: Ghouls are becoming a problem for the settlers, it's up to the Sole Survivor to deal with them.


  • In the main building of the yard there's a large number of ghouls and a glowing one.
  • Around the main building there are a few sentry turrets; upon picking the master leveled lock or hacking the storage terminal to the armory a sentry bot will come out and attack.
  • On the front sign, the training yard hosted the 1st battalion, 101st Field Artillery Regiment.
  • This is a common site for radiant quests, mostly ghoul hunting quests.
  • Behind the training yard to the north is a military obstacle course. Inside one of the corrugated metal pipes is a duffel bag containing random weapons and ammo.


The National Guard training yard appears only in Fallout 4.


Icon pc Icon ps4 Some of the feral ghouls inside of the buildings may be inexplicably non-hostile, even without rank 3 of the Ghoulish perk.[已核实]


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