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The National Isolated Radio Array (NIRA) is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102.


Situated at the heart of the National Radio Quiet Zone, this massive radio installation was set up as a two-way transmitter, rather than merely a listening device to monitor space. The use of NIRA for this purpose was well underway in August 2076, constantly running into problems with local radio interference. To counter that and establish a clear connection for at least an hour, the crew of the site logged a request to divert power from the main Appalachian grid and use the NIRA to generate an electromagnetic radio-cancelling field. The project was successful, with the September 3, 2076 transmission at 2 PM coming in clear as day - and NIRA successfully sending out a reply. The problem was that the intensity of the field had a deleterious effect on humans: The electromagnetic radiation produced a dielectric heating effect in the brain of all people in range - as far as Clarksburg - resulting in intense migraines, nausea, and other nasty side-effects. When local media picked up on the unusual phenomena, the transmission and the generator were immediately shut down.

However, the project was not mothballed. Instead, the team at NIRA focused on trying to come up with alternative solutions for the problem while still experimenting with radio frequency cancellation. Dr. Constance Nichols, a ionospheric physics PhD, was hired to help with filtering background noise to that end. Problem was, the electromagnetic radiation at the site had a consistent adverse effect on the workers on site, with pain medication and various shielded hoods being offered as a solution to the problem, due to the necessity of the cancellation equipment. Needless to say, the employees weren't thrilled, but they continued the job.


The centerpiece of this location is the large radio telescope, some small service/control rooms are found just next to and north of the telescope. To the south is an office/administration building, and to the west is a warehouse building. A weapons workbench can be found at the warehouse.



The National Isolated Radio Array appears only in Fallout 76.



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