Captain of the Guard is a title granted by the First Citizen of the Vault City to exemplary citizens that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to protect the city's interest and independence. In essence, it is the highest military rank one can hold, giving him full authority over the military might of the Vault City.


In Fallout 2, the Chosen One can attain this rank if he compliments Lynette enough and completes the exchange between Westin and her.

Obtaining this rank within Vault City will allow the player to go back to Citizen Sergeant Stark in the Corrections Center and demand that he pay Cassidy compensation for damaging his bar, which will earn the player $500 and 500 XP. It will also allow the player to bring Marcus and Lenny into the inner city without being stopped by the guards. Bringing Marcus to the Vault doctor will earn the player XP and a considerable amount of ammo, as he pulls years of accumulated bullets out of Marcus' body.



  • 口才 >= 75% ,并且魅力 > 7.
  • 可以和避难所市的第一公民琳娜特说话,而不是杀死她。没有任务。
  • 选择所有称呼她为“第一公民”的选项,包括回答“再见”的时候。
  • 打败那些强盗,并且把你从强盗处得来的报告书彼希的磁盘交给第一公民。磁盘上有关于彼希和NCR来往的资料(它放在新里诺彼希的私人保险箱里)。然后把磁盘带到NCR的威斯丁
  • 当你回来之后,任务完成了。如果她认为你这个家伙人品很好,她就会给你警卫队长的称号。
  • 你会注意到许多避难所市居民们头上的对话发生了变化,特别是史塔克警官,他显然对你的升职感到很郁闷。带上卡斯蒂和你一起去见史塔克,如果你指证出史塔克砸烂了卡斯蒂的酒吧,你会得到一些经验值。