Reclamation: <location> is an Institute radiant quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Institute radiant quest: Reclamation
Talk to Alana Secord in The Institute.
Head to the unnamed location and give the transmitter to the synth.
Head back to the Institute and talk to Alana Secord.
Reward: 400 XP
*5 plasma grenades

Detailed walkthrough

Talk to Alana Secord in the Synth Retention part of the Institute. She'll tell you that a raider team just hit one of their scavenger teams and captured a synth in the process. Not having the assets to spare for a rescue, she has you do so for her, giving you the location and a transmitter to give to the synth, which will allow for a courser to pick it up. When at the location, you'll need to fight through the raiders and make your way to the synth, giving it the transmitter once you do. Travel back to the Institute and tell Alana you've succeeded, allowing her to schedule the retrieval. She can be asked for payment with a speech check, which will be five plasma grenades if successful.

Possible locations

Quest stages

100 Take the Transmitter to the Captured SynthOne of our synths was taken by Raiders. Dr. Secord of the SRB asked me to place a tracking beacon on the synth so she can plan a retrieval mission.
200 Return to Alana SecordI located the stolen synth and gave it the tracking beacon. Now I need to let Dr. Secord know that the synth is ready for retrieval.
1000Quest finishedQuest completeDr. Secord of the SRB asked me to locate a stolen synth and give it a tracking beacon. After I did so, she dispatched a Courser to retrieve it.
1500Quest failedQuest failed


  • Curie dislikes handing the transmitter over to the captured synth.
  • Secord will only give the quest during daytime hours, when she is working in the SRB.