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嗶嗶小子3000 Mark IV
Fo4 Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV
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嗶嗶小子3000 Mark IV(英文:Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV)是出現於《輻射4》中的個人信息處理器(Personal Information Processor,簡稱PIP),系嗶嗶小子3000的升級型號,由羅科工業公司製造,採用了可穿戴式設計,可以儲存穿戴者的個人與物品信息,也可以記錄周圍環境的相關數據。


嗶嗶小子3000 Mark IV被分配給了波士頓地區的六座避難所,包括75號避難所81號避難所88號避難所95號避難所111號避難所,以及114號避難所


嗶嗶小子3000 Mark IV是一款多功能設備,可以顯示穿戴者的生理狀況、周圍區域地圖以及所攜物品。相比嗶嗶小子3000,嗶嗶小子3000 Mark IV的設計更為人性化,將一系列開關設於右側,便於慣用右手者操作。它內置了一個單色屏幕,在低亮度區域可以充當照明光源,同時還設有蓋格計數器及無線電接收器。
Fo4 Pip-Boy Mark IV system specs

System specifications

根據嗶嗶小子3000 Mark IV的開機畫面,它的系統配置顯示為:


  • 個人信息處理器-操作系統 版本號:
  • 64k內存
  • 38911字節可用空間


The statistics menu, or 'Stats', shows the user's damage and resistance, health, AP, experience and limb condition. The levels of their SPECIAL attributes are shown in a separate tab, with a third tab displaying various perks they have acquired.


這是用來展示玩家背包物品的。The menu also displays total caps and carry weight at the bottom of the screen. It is sorted into seven tabs:

  • 武器: 所有武器和手雷。 可以觀看、比較、裝備和撤銷。底部一欄有現在傷害的顯示。
  • 服裝: All armor and clothing appear in this tab. Specs of armor and clothing can be viewed and compared, as well as equipped and unequipped. The bottom right corner of this screen displays all current resistances.
  • 藥物: Medicines, chems, food and drinks are sorted here and can be used and consumed in this tab. The health bar is also shown at the bottom of this screen.
  • 其他: Miscellaneous items such as keys, holotapes, notes, bobby pins and items which fall under no other category are in this tab. Holotapes and notes can be played or read here.
  • 垃圾: Resources for crafting, items that can be scrapped for resources and resource shipments are listed in this tab.
  • 升級包:改造武器的各種模塊。
  • 子彈: 所有槍的各種子彈。

It should be noted that this Pip-Boy, while being an upgraded version of the Pip-Boy 3000, does not have the same keychain functionality and is susceptible to key clutter in the miscellaneous tab.


The data menu is mainly used as a means to keep track of overall progression, as well as view the current date and time in-game. It is divided into three categories:

  • 任務: 所有進行中、已完成的任務和雜項任務。
  • 工部: 玩家控制下各村莊的水、食品、防禦、感情。
  • Stats: This function lists a variety of trivial in-game statistics that can be viewed. It is divided into five subcategories:
    • General: Displays general statistics, such as the number of locations discovered and cleared, days passed, hours slept, etc.
    • Quest: Lists the number of quests that have been completed and what kind.
    • Combat: Displays combat statistics, such as the numbers and types of enemies killed, critical strikes used and several perk-related accomplishments.
    • Crafting: Shows the number of things that have been crafted, plants harvested, settlements unlocked, items scrapped, objects built and supply lines created.
    • Crime: Lists the number of crimes that have been committed, such as murder and the number of locks picked and computers hacked.


The map menu opens centered on the device's current location. It can switch between world and local maps and can be used to view current supply lines between settlements. The user can view all discovered and marked locations, set waypoints and find the location of a current quest objective.


No longer in the data menu, radio stations now have their own tab. Diamond City Radio and the Classical Radio will always be shown by default, with new radio frequencies appearing as they are found. If outside the broadcast range of a frequency, it will be grayed out and will not be selectable.





機器上有一個插頭,用來連接動力裝甲,也可開啟波士頓地區避難所的大門。也可用來控制機器人 if the Robotics Expert perk is active.


  • Minigames can be played on this model of the Pip-Boy, using holotapes found by the Sole Survivor.
  • 儘管唯一倖存者是避難所的居民,他卻沒有一個這東西。他是從總管身上得到的,如果不拿,就無法開門,遊戲也沒法繼續。
  • 儘管玩家不是首個使用者,玩家的名字卻記錄在裡面。
  • 上一代產品是被鎖住的,而這一代可以自由地取下它。The Mark IV also does not have the attached glove like the 3000A had in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.
  • When wearing a power armor frame the Sole Survivor does not interact with the Pip-Boy directly; instead all the information is displayed through the suit's integrated helmet mounted display (也許根本沒有頭盔) but with a different HUD color. This implies that the Pip-Boy is capable of interfacing with power armor frames' on board systems to allow access to its functionality without having to directly operate the device (since this would be impossible whilst enclosed within the frame's arm section).
  • On the promotional photo for the 'Pip-Boy Edition' contents, the Vault-Tec product number is PIP M4.5486VTT-004-111. This product number is also printed on the capsule case. The M4 possibly denotes Mark IV as does the -004. The VTT likely refers to Vault-Tec Technologies. The -111 refers to Vault 111 from which the Sole Survivor emerges; this is confirmed on the capsule case, which reads "FOR VAULT 111 DEPLOYMENT."
  • In the Fallout 3 art book, which comes with the Collector's Edition of Fallout 3, there is a section about the Pip-Boy 3000. It states that a designer later realized that it would be more ergonomic if the buttons and knobs on the Pip-Boy had been placed on the right side rather than the left. This means that the character would have to reach over the screen to use the controls, which is inconvenient. This detail has been fixed on the Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV.
  • If the Pip-Boy light is turned on in the PS4 version, the Dualshock 4 controller's light bar will turn green to match the default color of the Pip-Boy light. When turned off, it will revert to its previous color. If the player dies or loads another save file while the Pip-Boy light is on, however, the light bar will remain green until the Pip-Boy light is turned on and off again.
  • If left idle while looking at the Pip-Boy for an extended period of time (usually around 2 minutes), the Sole Survivor will occasionally tap on it, hit it to fix bugs, briefly place it down to look in front of them, or look at its underside.
  • With the installment of Vault-Tec Workshop, Pip-Boys can be given to settlers and companions (excluding Strong, Ada, Dogmeat, and Codsworth).
  • The Pip-Boy can be modded at an armor workbench; however, only the "Standard" variant is available, without Creation Club content installed.


  • The Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV was first revealed on June 3, 2015, in the Fallout 4 announcement trailer.
  • 嗶嗶小子的開機畫面顯示該設備擁有64k內存和38911字節的可用空間,這是在向康懋達64致敬。
  • A real-world model of this Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV has been made in limited numbers by Bethesda. It can hold smartphones of certain sizes inside and has an app to be used with it. The app is a full version of the Pip-boy and can be used to interact with the game instead of using the Pip-Boy in game. The app will update to the current quest, inventory, stats, etc. of whatever game it is synced to. It is included in Fallout 4 's Pip-Boy Edition with a display stand.
  • On November 11th, 2016, the Pip-Boy Deluxe Edition was released. This model has a built-in screen, functioning knobs and an opening holotape player, but does not interface with the game.[1] The display stand doubles as a speaker and a charging station.


  • Icon ps4 Icon xboxone Viewing the local map may cause an item in the player's inventory to be displayed in the background.[已核實]
    • Icon pc Viewing any tab outside the item tab may do the same.[verification overdue]
  • Icon pc Icon xboxone On occasion, the Pip-Boy will not show up when accessed. This can be fixed by saving and re loading the game. This can also be fixed by pressing the escape key twice.[verification overdue]
  • Icon pc Occasionally after using "shift-tab" to access the Steam overlay, the Pip-Boy might not pull up again. To fix this, simply reopen the overlay and close it again.
  • Icon xboxone When viewing the map, the cursor can not be moved, zooming in and out still works.[verification overdue]
  • Icon xboxone When in chameleon armor while invisible, the Pip-Boy menu will not show up the first time. This can be fixed by exiting and reentering the menu. Also standing up after and entering the Pip-Boy and entering the menu will have the screen still in chameleon affect and have the screen translucent while still having the border.[verification overdue]
  • Icon pc When changing tabs from either STAT or INV to MAP, the knob indicating the current displayed tab will bug and not move to MAP until the player goes to DATA or RADIO.[verification overdue]
  • Icon xboxone If using a armor workbench with the add-on Vault-Tec Workshop, the Pip-Poy will appear in the workbench menu but when selected, cannot be modified in any way.[verification overdue]



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