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Harold Frost was an employee of Garrahan Mining in Appalachia before 2102.


Harold Frost was a service member in the U.S. Army's Research Corp and served as research lead for the team that designed the original T-45 power armor, which was later developed by West Tek.

He was hired by Vivian Garrahan to develop her company's Excavator power armor. He ran into a couple of issues during development, namely the durability of the chassis arms and its repurposed T-45 reactor. At the advice of Vivian's son Bryce, he cast the parts in black titanium to increase durability.

Later he advised Vivian to contract with Atomic Mining Services to obtain their patented Ultracite ore to power the armor. The Excavator power armor displayed no further issues, no longer suffering from serious breakdowns. He was still against Vivian's challenge to competitor Hornwright Industrial's auto-miner though, to which his work stood to publicly fail in a mining competition against the machine.[1][2]


Harold Frost is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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