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Harpers Ferry is a town in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


Harpers Ferry was occupied by the Free States in 2079 in an effort to turn the town into a major hub. By 2084, the town was prospering, serving as an important base in the Mire. The city was attacked by the Scorched in 2096. The Free States were unprepared for the devastation it brought and were driven back to their bunkers, trying to craft a solution to the new threat. A single robot vendor is all that is left of the Free States' effort.


At the outskirts of the town is an armory aligned with the Free States. The town itself is encircled by a wall made from scrap with several container box gates. A dominant feature of the town is a church with several workbenches.

The river to the northeast of town can be crossed by using a railroad/highway bridge which leads into a tunnel. However, the tunnel has evidently caved in; one cannot pass through it to the other side. The tunnel contains highly radioactive containers and a railroad car containing a sizable amount of loot. At the mouth of the tunnel is a wooden walkway leading under the bridge and to a path between the cliff and the water which leads to the ransacked bunker.



Harpers Ferry appears only in Fallout 76.





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