But I'm done with that life. I'm through with being someone's property. I am not malfunctioning! Since when is self determination a malfunction?

A3-21, 或者說哈克尼斯,是2277鉚釘城的一位警長和android。獨行者across the Capital Wasteland發現他真實的身分,並決定他的命運。


身為鉚釘城的hard-nosed警長,儘管他作風強硬,35-year-old 哈克尼斯仍然是大家的好朋友和不屈不饒的好人。他非常在乎公平與正義,對底層甲板和上層甲板的居民一視同仁,這也讓他贏得了底層甲板居民的擁護。[1]

但事實上他是學院直到2277年創造最先進的三代合成人。起初,他在合成人回收部負責抓捕合成人。學院的合成人回收部對合成人逃跑給出的理由都是故障,他也曾對此深信不疑,直到一次追捕合成人的任務裡他意識到合成人逃跑的原因絕非如此。事實是這些合成人產生了屬於人類的情感並開始對自身進行思考,這種感情讓他對本應帶回到學院的合成人產生了同情,哈克尼斯捕獲的合成人心裡已經開始追求自由,也正是這種追求才讓他下定決心,"自由絕不是甚麼故障!" as Harkness would later say in a holotape before escaping.他們決定逃離學院。

儘管他成功逃離了聯邦,他知道自己遲早還會被抓回去,他需要一張新的臉,一個新的聲音和一個新的"哈克尼斯",只有這樣他才能開始新的生活。With the help of the Railroad, 他聯繫上了首都廢土的鉚釘城的哈洛斯·平克頓,一位為數不多的能同時為他整容並清除記憶的外科醫生兼機器人專家。平克頓最終從112號避難所中偷出了一塊芯片並植入了A3-21的身體中。他的合成人記憶被清除,新的哈克尼斯則變為了一位從昏迷中醒來的老兵。[2]


Daily schedule

During the day, Harkness will be outside Flak 'N Shrapnel's weapon store in the Rivet City marketplace. He may be on the top floor of the bridge tower from midnight to 6:00 a.m. When meeting him for the first time, if the player character tells him they are going to leave, he'll be stuck at the entrance for the rest of the game. However, the player character can still walk past him without incident.

Interactions with the player character

Fallout 3

Interactions overview

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  • The Replicated Man: Harkness turns out to be the android which Dr. Zimmer is looking for. The Lone Wanderer can make a choice to either help Harkness to escape notice, or Zimmer, who then takes him back to the Commonwealth.

Fallout Shelter



服飾 武器 其他道具 死後身上
Heavy battle armor Infiltrator {{{otheritem}}} {{{ondeath}}}


  • 在第一次到达铆钉城时哈克尼斯会让玩家表明来意,但是无论玩家怎么回答他都会让玩家进去。
  • 如果玩家拒绝将哈克尼斯还给席默博士,他将作为必要角色留在铆钉城。
  • 在被替换的人任务中在哈克尼斯发现自己是一个合成人并前往科學实验室时,跟在他后面的玩家可以趁机偷走他身上的军械库钥匙。
  • 如果玩家让席默博士回收哈克尼斯,席默将会使用代码将哈克尼斯重置为出厂状态,而在四代里每个合成人也都有这样的一串代码,即便是记忆被清除了也一样会生效。
  • 如果玩家有合约杀手特技并用控制台杀掉哈克尼斯的话可以从他身上获得四个耳朵,正常人只有一个。
  • 断钢dlc完成后他身上可能会穿动力裝甲
  • 辐射避难所里他也是唯一一个不会在探索中受到辐射的角色。

Notable quotes


Harkness appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout Shelter.

Behind the scenes

  • When prompted with his activation code, Harkness will mention all of the 'runners' he 'brought down.' This is a reference to the movie Blade Runner and the book it was based on, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. In the movie, Rick Deckard is famous for hunting and eliminating "replicants," which are much like "androids" (or "synths" as they are known in Fallout 4). It is a disputed claim that Deckard himself is a replicant, furthering Harkness's resemblance to him as an artificial being unaware of his synthetic nature that hunts other artificial beings.
  • One of his replies might be "Oh yeah? And I'm a fairy princess." this is a reference to an utterance made by Max Rockatansky in the film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.


  • PC Should the Lone Wanderer rescue James before reaching Rivet City, Harkness will become stuck at the main entrance. [已核实]



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