Spruce Knob is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102. It is a public workshop with claim and defend event quests. As of 2103, the location has been occupied by settlers and turned into the settlement of Foundation.


Spruce Knob is the highest peak in West Virginia, at an elevation of 4863 feet above sea level. This made it a natural spot for an observation tower, maintained by the Monongahela National Forest, overlooking the Spruce Knob Lake. The 900 foot tower was a tourist attraction and was eventually expanded with a monorail station to allow direct access to the camping grounds beneath the tower. After the Great War, the tower made a natural strongpoint and observation post for the Appalachian Brotherhood, who established a communications center and lookout tower on the observation deck. However, with the scorchbeasts running roughshod over Appalachia, they were forced to withdraw and abandon the installation, leaving the fortifications behind in a usable state.


The observation tower is impossible to miss and consists of the aforementioned tower and monorail station, flanking the sides of State Route 101. The tower provides a commanding view of the surround area, especially the lake, and contains a tinker's workbench. At the foot of the tower is the local workshop, allowing players to claim and build in the area. The location contains food (4), water (4), gold (3), copper (1) and acid (1) resource nodes, combined with an excellent defense capability.



Spruce Knob appears only in Fallout 76.




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